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The Balkan Caliphate: the enemy within

SETimes: "Kosovo, Turkey boost military co-operation" 

Kosovo and Turkey continue to deepen their bilateral relations, particularly in the area of military co-operation.(...) Kosovo is performing a strategic review of its security sector, and during the next few years it is anticipated the process will result in the transformation of the Kosovo Security Force into the country's army.

19 March, 2013

Another day of treason in the life of the Obama regime - as Obama retreats, neo Ottomans move in

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Occidental Libertas: "Neo-Ottomanism:Turkey is back and it is not going to return to Kemalism"

One of the biggest winners of the Arab Spring besides the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran and the Wahhabi movements which are supported by Saudi Arabia is the Islamist government in Ankara which is led by Prime Minister Recep Ergodan, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davotoglu and President Abdullah Gul which together with the rest of the AK Party are reviving the Ottoman Empire which ruled North Africa,the Balkans and the Middle East for centuries. Turkey has abandoned the principles of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk which somehow has kept Islamist forces under control in which the military had a right to intervene if the secular system was under threat.  (...)

Due to the weaknesses of the Obama Administration which is retreating all across the globe,the Balkans are no exception.Recently came the news that the US military base Bondsteel in Kosovo will be left to the Turkish Army,which technically means that after a century when Turkey was pushed from the Balkans in the First Balkan War (1912-1913) it is returning.The Turkish government stated that the Balkan region is its priority and it wishes to rebuild the links from the Ottoman Era when Turkey was the ruler of the Balkans.The initiative of the Turkish government to return to the Balkans was welcomed by the Bosniak political and spiritual leadership which is led by Bakir Izetbegović which is the Bosniak member of Presidency of B-H and by Reis Ulema Mustafa Cerić which made a statement that Turkey is the mother of the Bosniaks.Most of the soap operas which are broadcasted on Federal TV and Bosnia-Herzegovina TV are of Turkish production, TRT opened its website on Bosnian language and the Bosnia-Herzegovina Post has made a postal mark to commemorate the wonderful relations between Ankara and Sarajevo.But the Croatian population which wants its own entity sees it as a return of an occupying force which has turned Bosnia-Herzegovina from Croatian land in an Oriental mockery which is to this day. (...)  >>>

Feb. 23, 2012

Infiltration in Greece -

World Press: "Radical Islam Passing through Greece", by Ioannis Michaletos

In a broad sense, Greece, due to a mixture of its geographical placement, history and business links, is considered a gateway for the Islamic element in close proximity to the European Union and the Balkans, and over the past 10 years it has become one of the main transit territories for Islamic-originating illegal immigration to Europe. (...) In 2007 a rocket launch attack with an RPG against the American Embassy in Athens was carried out by the Greek group Revolutionary Struggle, which stated in its proclamation note support for Hezbollah in Lebanon. In 2009 the Greek weekly To Proto Thema reported that Greek leftist terrorists seem to have been trained in Lebanon in paramilitary camps operated by Islamists.(...) >>>

July 5, 2011

R2P and the New World Order -

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Paragraphs pertaining to Bosnia and Srebrenica extracted here  -

Infowars: "Ratko Mladic Arrest: the Uses and Hypocrisy of U.N. “Genocide”", by Eric Pottenger and Jeff Friesen

The meaning behind the media response is clear: the arrest last Thursday of the so-called “Butcher of Bosnia,” General Ratko Mladic, is being deliberately used as a well-timed propaganda weapon in the ongoing war by globalists against the national sovereignty of countries around the world. A survey of the mainstream media accounts of the arrest reveal that the specific details of the crimes attributed to Mladic have been cast aside completely. Perhaps the same will be said of his forthcoming trial in the Hague–only time will tell. The real judgment against Mladic, however, will be formed in the court of public opinion. And it is in this venue where indictments–usually hypocritical–and slogans–usually trite–function as evidence. It is here where language and imagery is used to conjure up the worst genocidal massacres in world history. There is a craft at work here. For the audience to be effectively persuaded, emotion must take the place of reason. (...) >>>

June 2, 2011

Al Qaeda Infiltration and Atrocities in Bosnia -

May 3, 2011

Bill Clinton's chickens are coming home to roost -

The Telegraph: "US air force members shot dead at Frankfurt airport"

Two members of the United States air force were shot dead and another two wounded by a lone gunman in an attack on a US military bus at Frankfurt airport. Arif Uka, a 21-year-old Muslim Kosovar citizen from the northern town of Mitrovica, was arrested after the shooting in a public lane outside the busy airport's Terminal 2. He was reportedly armed with an automatic weapon and a knife.

The bus driver and a passenger were killed, and one person suffered serious wounds and another light injuries. An air force spokesman said police had the suspect in custody and that all four men were based in Britain at Lakenheath airfield. Lakenheath is home to the 48th Fighter Wing, the United States' only F-15 fighter wing.

Boris Rhein, interior minister for the state of Hesse, said it was not clear if the incident was linked to terrorism, after Representative Patrick Meehan, a member of the US homeland security committee, swiftly concluded that it looked like a terrorist attack.

During Kosovo's war for independence from the former Yugoslavia in the late 1990s there were reported links between Osama bin Laden and the now disbanded Kosovo Liberation Army, which had the support of Western powers. The territory's subsequent declaration of independence in 2008 was wholeheartedly endorsed by the United States, which has had troops in Kosovo since 1999.

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, condemned the "terrible incident", and pledged: "We'll do everything possible to find out what happened." (...) >>>"

Mar 2, 2011

Kosovo's crime syndicate -

Too pity Richard Holbrooke just died. He could have revealed a thing or too. Bill Clinton is up to his eye balls into Greater Albanian irredentism -

Tea and Politics: "Report: Kosovo leader was criminal mafia boss"

Kosovo’s Prime Minister Hashim Thaci headed a mafia-style organized crime ring in the late 1990s that engaged in assassinations, beatings, organ trafficking and other crimes, according to a draft report released on Tuesday. In Pristina, the Kosovo government denounced the draft Council of Europe report as baseless and defamatory, and threatened to take legal and political action in response.

The report to the Council’s Parliamentary Assembly, released a day after Kosovo’s election commission said Thaci’s party won the first post-independence election on Sunday, also accused Western powers of complicity in ignoring crimes dating back to the late 1990s.

“Thaci and these other ‘Drenica Group’ members are consistently named as ‘key players’ in intelligence reports on Kosovo’s mafia-like structures of organized crime,” said the report by Dick Marty, the rapporteur for the Council’s committee on legal affairs and human rights. (...) >>>

Dec. 15, 2010

The extent of Iran's influence -

Int'l Analyst Network: "Iran's soft power reach in the Balkans", by Ioannis Michaletos

Since the early 90's and the Yugoslavian civil wars, Iran tried to enter the Balkan region by establishing religious-educational organizations, NGO's and by forming cells for intelligence gathering.

Due to the pressure either by NATO or the EU, as well as, the efforts by the countries involved, the Iranian influence has rather decreased, but it remains in the form of a "soft power" structure, closely related to the state apparatus of Teheran.

The following article will briefly highlight the most important organizations involved. Special acknowledgement is made by the writer to Dr. Athanassios Drougos, a senior counter-terrorism lecturer in Greek and NATO armed forces colleges, for the research and analysis on the relevant data (...) >>>

Oct. 25, 2010

Europarliament opens terror highway into Europe -

BalkanInsight: "European Parliament Backs Albania, Bosnia Visa Liberalisation"

The European Parliament approved on Thursday visa liberalisation for Bosnia and Albania, with 538 votes in favour and 47 against. Visa-free travel for Bosnians and Albanians now faces only one more approval process before becoming a reality. (...) >>>

Oct. 7, 2010

The Democrats can always be trusted upon to push the agenda for a greater Albania - Things are heating up again in the Balkans with the Dems in office in the US, once again playing a pivotal role in pushing for Albanian irredentism. How about this piece of staggering arrogance: "The United States wants to see greater cooperation between Serbia and Kosovo but is not insisting that the Belgrade government recognise the independence of its former province, the US ambassador here said in a newspaper interview released Friday."

Watch the logic in this pro Albanian article: "the number of countries who recognize it (Kosovo) has stalled at 69", not because its breakaway was illegal, but "largely because of a diplomatic campaign by Serbia." Weeks after an explosion killed one person and injured 10 in the Serb part of the divided town of Mitrovica ...

Breitbart: "Serb lawmaker shot and wounded in north of Kosovo", by Nebi Qena, Associated Press Writer

A gunman shot and injured a Serb member of the Kosovan parliament on Monday, police said, in an incident that could further stoke ethnic tensions in the unstable region. Four shots were fired at 35-year-old legislator Petar Miletic as he walked out of his apartment in the northern town of Mitrovica, said police spokesman Besim Hoti. Miletic was hit once in the knee, Hoti said. His injuries are not life-threatening.

It was unclear if the shooting was linked to Miletic's work. He is one of only ten Serb members of Kosovo's 120-seat assembly, which is dominated by the ethnic Albanians that make up the majority of Kosovo's population. Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008 following a bloody civil war and some of Kosovo's Serb minority regard Serbs who work with the Kosovo government as traitors. (...) The Netherlands-based International Court of Justice is expected rule later this month on whether Kosovo's secession breached international law. The ruling is not legally binding but it could affect future diplomatic recognitions.

Kosovo's declaration of independence was swiftly recognized by the United States and most countries in the European Union, but the number of countries who recognize it has stalled at 69, largely because of a diplomatic campaign by Serbia. (...) >>>

Jul 5, 2010

The Albania Hezbollah nexus -

The Analyst Network: Albania, Hezbollah and the labyrinth of international illegal arms trafficking", by Ioannis Michaletos

The Balkan region has a colorful recent history regarding the existence of Jihadist and terrorist networks that are directly related to the ones in the Middle East. The issue has gathered importance in the beginning of 2010 when the Israeli foreign minister, made explicit remarks on the issue, whilst an interesting aspect has emerged through many information channels that relates to the existence of direct Hezbollah ties in the Balkans and most specifically in Albania.

At a meeting with FYROM's Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski in January, the Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that the Balkan states were the new target of global jihad. "Current reports clearly indicate that the region of the Balkans is the new target of global jihad, which intends to establish infrastructure and recruit activists there," Lieberman said.

"That is seen from the attempts of certain Islamists, in particular Saudi organizations that are transferring their funds to Africa and South America in order to bring them to the regions inhabited by Bosnians and Albanians," he added. Lieberman said that the Hezbollah group, which is backed by Iran, had penetrated South America and Al-Qa'idah and was well established in Africa.

He called on Gruefski not to allow those militants to strike roots in the Balkans. After this statement there came the first reaction from the Bosnian Foreign Minister Sven Alkalaj, who phoned his counterpart Avigdor Lieberman to protest against his statement.

The Bosnian minister told his Israeli counterpart that statements of this kind were baseless and that they harmed his country's international reputation. He added that Bosnia was engaged in a struggle against terrorism and that its intelligence services had no information or data about terrorists being active in their country. For its part, the Albanian side has not reacted to this statement yet.

As the Israeli minister stated, the Hezbollah is channeling money for the establishment of terrorist cells in Albanian-inhabited areas. From what it seems this argument was well-established and in fact it has a long history behind it. (...) >>>

Jun 13, 2010

We're back to the Clinton fraternity -

 Serbianna: "Bosnia and Clinton’s Radical Islamists", by Lee Jay Walker - FEATURE

(...) During the conflict we had world leaders who were pleading the cause of radical Islam by showing “a gentle side” to the pluralistic Muslims of Bosnia. However, if you scratch under the surface then you will find out that tens of thousands of radical Islamists were allowed to enter Bosnia in order to slaughter innocent Christians.

Yes, many Muslims indeed were very moderate and you had moderates on all sides, however, you had “a hidden darkness” which was not shown to the world. The reasons for this are obvious because it is hard to plead the side of any ethnic or religious group when they are beheading and mutilating innocent Christians. Therefore, you had a major collusion between democrats, radical Islamists, national self interests, secret agencies, the mass media, and others, in order to distort the “real picture.”

Before I go further, I will clearly state now that all sides committed terrible atrocities and no ethnic or religious group is “cleaner than white.” (...)  The story of brutal Christian Serbs was highlighted daily during the Bosnian war. After all, you have to dehumanize a whole people in the West in order to enforce long term objectives and it is vital to manipulate the mass media because they are part and parcel of the propaganda machine.

Yet I am going to write about the “hidden hand” of democratic forces that sponsored or gave tacit approval for radical Islamists to slaughter Christians at random. Also, not content with this, the same Bosnian Muslim leadership then gave passports to many radical Islamists after the war. (...)

(...) the Clinton Administration’s policy of facilitating the delivery of arms to the Bosnian Muslims made it the de facto partner of an ongoing international network of governments and organizations pursuing their own agenda in Bosnia: the promotion of Islamic revolution in Europe. That network involves not only Iran but Brunei, Malaysia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan (a key ally of Iran), and Turkey, together with front groups supposedly pursuing humanitarian and cultural activities.” (...) >>>

Jan. 23, 2010

Serbia explains international law at World Court:

Breitbart: "Serbia at hearing: Kosovo's independence illegal" (via AP)

Serbia argued to the World Court on Tuesday that Kosovo's declaration of independence was an unlawful challenge to the international legal order that tore at the very fabric of Serb national identity. Serbia's ambassador to France, Dusan Batakovic, said the February 2008 independence declaration challenged his country's sovereignty and undermined international law by breaching U.N. Security Council resolutions that set up a U.N.-backed provisional administration in Kosovo. (...) >>>

Dec. 2, 2009

Republican Riot: "Israel Stands Firm on Kosovo", by Julia Gorin

For now, at least, Israel is putting justice and its own survival ahead of the practical considerations it will have to deal with when the U.S. threatens to reduce aid should Israel continue to not back our homicidal and suicidal machinations in Southeast Europe.

Julia Gorin: Israel firm in refusing to recognize Kosovo

JERUSALEM, Oct 27 (Tanjug) - Israel remains firm in its stand of refusing to support the unilateral declaration of independence of Kosovo and Metohija, it was confirmed Tuesday at a meeting between Israeli and Serbian Interior Ministers Eliyahu Yishai and Ivica Dacic. (...) >>>

Oct. 31, 2009

ADN Kronos: "Bosnia: Muslim spiritual leader urges more Sharia law"

Bosnia’s Muslim spiritual leader, Reiss-ul-Ulema Mustafa Ceric, has drawn strong criticism from moderate Muslims and from Bosnian Serbs, after he called for Islamic Sharia law to be incorporated into the Bosnian constitution. Ceric made the controversial suggestion when he conducted Bosnia's first Sharia mass wedding on Saturday in the central city of Zenica. Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi reportedly paid for the weddings for the 20 couples and some 500 guests.

“In this exceptional place, in the exceptional city of Zenica, we are witnessing a magnificent event,” Ceric said. “I hope this is only the beginning and that we will have many such occasions in the years to come,” he added. Ceric is no stranger to controversy, and his pronouncements often trigger a heated reaction.

In May, while visiting a Muslim community in Serbia’s Muslim-majority Sandzak region bordering Montenegro, Ceric said "no force could separate" Muslims in Serbia from those in Bosnia, which he has described as a homeland for Muslims. (...) >>>

Sept. 14, 2009

Blic: "Serbia exposed to new wave of regional crime"

’For the first time in our history we are faced with transcontinental organized crime in the West Balkans. Serbia requires exceptionally ready police system capable to deal with these challenges’, Tadic told ‘The Police Today’ magazine. He expressed full support to our Police and said that ‘the Police Minister Ivica Dacic and the Home Ministry are doing a very good job’. (...) Terrorism is a challenge for Serbia, in the first place the extreme Albanian terrorism in the south of Serbia. (...) terrorists are being preparing themselves in a triangle of our southern province Kosovo and Metohija, north Macedonia and southern Serbian municipalities in the region of Presevo and Bujanovac’, President Tadic said. According to his words that terrorism is connected with the political process of the future Kosovo status. >>>

Aug. 9, 2009

Research Inst. for European and American Studies: "Kosovo: ‘Lite’ Islam or a Forefront of Radicalism?" (PDF - RIEAS)

May 24, 2009

Dutch news site De Pers is reporting that the Serbian break-away eparchy of Kosovo has been defrauding the EU for millions of Euros. The chance discovery was made during a visit by a Euro Parliamentary audit commission when members started “talking to people”.

A formal complaint has been lodged with the Ministry of Justice in the capital Pristina. To date no one has been charged and no steps have as yet been taken. The fraud allegedly took place during the construction of Pristina Airport, for which kick-backs were paid.

Dutch liberal MEP Jan Mulder (VVD) has confirmed the report, saying the case involves at least “several million”. He opines the EU contribution to the UN development program should be discontinued if the situation is not improved. Mulder is furthermore perturbed that the EU has no formal way of checking expenditures made by the UN program.
May 7, 2009

Serbianna: "Comment in Guardian Weekly by John Bosnitch - re ‘Kosovo: a long way from stable’" - FEATURE
Comment made to the article: 12/03/2009

Your reporter appears to live in a make-believe world of make-believe people and places. His perfect parroting of the NATO “line” on Kosovo makes him sound more like an official spokesman than the kind of highly critical individual that I keep searching for among my peers in the journalistic profession…
In an effort to be thorough I will list some of the indisputable factual inaccuracies in this article:
1. “Kosovo celebrated the first anniversary of its independence…”, this opening line should have read “Kosovo Albanians celebrated the first anniversary of their second declaration of independence…” (...) >>>
Mar 25, 2009
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