Saturday, May 3, 2008

London Calling: Boris Backed!

That's it! He's done it, but some tender souls might get hurt ... if Leftists are polarizing, this is not destructive Hegelian dialectic, but good for politics. Rightist opposition on the other hand, is bad for everyone ... it's divisive!

CNN: "London's new mayor is eccentric, offensive"
London's new Mayor Boris Johnson divides opinion like few others, a maverick lawmaker loved for his eccentric wit but often maligned for his abrasive tongue. The uncombed, rumple-suited former magazine editor boasts none of the professional sheen of New York's Michael Bloomberg but will lead a booming city that rivals Manhattan as the world's leading economic center and will be host of the 2012 Olympic Games.

His victory over incumbent Mayor Ken Livingstone, a left-winger and member of Prime Minister Gordon Brown's governing Labour Party, will be seen as a boon for opposition Conservative chief David Cameron. Johnson's victory gives the Conservatives their first major political office since their crushing 1997 national election defeat.

But some Cameron supporters warn that Johnson could prove to be a Trojan horse, if his unguarded remarks and buffoonish image undermine the opposition's claim that it is now ready to lead Britain. (...) >>>

Updated: May 3rd 2008

Politeia: Today Devoted to British Election Results: the Light!

The Conservatives made sweeping gains across the country early today as voters gave Gordon Brown a huge rebuff in his first electoral test as Prime Minister. David Cameron chalked up (...) >>>

Updated: 2nd May 2008

Reminder: The polls close at 10pm today.

If you support Boris Johnson's plans for a change for the better in London and haven't already voted, please make sure you do before then.

Please be aware that there are Tube delays on some lines so leave plenty of time for travel.

We have feedback from some Labour areas that turnout there has been high. Please don't let Ken Livingstone sneak back in again. This is the last opportunity we have to unseat him for the next four years. Let's not wake up tomorrow having wasted it.

In this very close election, every vote matters.

Thank you
Team Boris

Updated: 1st May 2008

I thought you would be interested to read my housing manifesto, ‘Building a Better London’, which I published today. Click here to read a full copy of the manifesto.

Update: 17th Mar 2008

Dear Londoner...

The Home Secretary’s admission that she is too scared to walk around London alone at night offers little hope for Londoners - first Mayor Livingstone said neither he nor the Metropolitan Police Commissioner could solve the problem of gun and knife crime, and now this.

London needs leadership (...) >>>

27 children were killed by other children last year(...) I continue to press this issue (...) >>>

(...) Read it all >>>

Boris at the black cab club

Few people know London better than the cabbies who drive us round it – and they gave Boris their expert opinions last week when he met them at the Royal Oak Taxi Centre in Paddington. Sharing bacon butties and mugs of tea, Boris told them of his plans to improve the lives of cab drivers in London. Click here to watch the video.

(...) Read all about it >>>

Do your bit

Boris is determined to make it to City Hall and give Londoners more from their Mayor: more common sense, more consideration, and more bang for their buck. He can’t get there without the support of thousands of Londoners like you, and this week you can back Boris by encouraging your friends and family to sign up to support the campaign at

Together we’ll win back London!

Election Countdown

There are under 100 days to go until London has the chance to make a real change. If you’re not registered to vote yet, go to to exercise your rights as a Londoner. (...) >>>

(Updated: 22nd Jan. 2008)


"Thank you for supporting Boris’s campaign.

It’s been a great 2008 so far, with Boris outlining his vision for a greater London and showing Londoners why it’s time for a change. Now, with 100 days to go until the election, it is essential that we maintain momentum to win back London on May 1st – and momentum means more and more signed-up supporters from across London.

That’s where you come in. We need you to tell your colleagues, friends and family – everyone in your address book – to encourage them to register on the website at and boost Boris’s chances of sweeping to victory in May.

Together we can build a momentum that will eject Mayor Livingstone from County Hall, and give London back to Londoners. Thank you."

(Updated: 19th Jan. 2008)

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