Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Press from Hell: EuroParl Fêtes Journos

Geert Wilders' Freedom Party MP in the EuroParl has asked Capo Chairman Schulz to clear up a minor matter in which annually a fair number of journalists are being feted at the tax payers' dime. In 2011 some 866 journos, carefully selected by the Information Bureaus of the EP and the Ministery Directorate General of Communication were invited to visit the EP. Arrangements entailed 180 euro hotel expenses, air fares, first class train tickets, local public transport and other expenses, averaging 838 euros p.p., totalling in 2011 some 626,000 euros of tax payers' money -

Katholiek Nieuwsblad: "PVV legt EU-sponsoring journalisten bloot"

March 12, 2013

Truth to power? -

The embroglio concerning veteran newspaper hero Bob Woodward may be a reflection of today's corruption of the media. They are supposed to control power. But instead they only control power when the left isn't in charge. When Woodward attacked the Obama regime for behaving in the Chicago way, you would have thought that meant something to them. Instead they went on to throw Woodward under the bus. But The Blaze is now reporting that the controversy has also "opened up a floodgate of information — information that suggests that, even if Woodward himself was not threatened or abused, other less venerable reporters have faced such treatment." -


March 4, 2013

Islam is peace, also in India -

The following piece is a good example how the right, Israel and now also India are maligned for their defense against the Muslim arm of the unholy alliance. The method applied is the same in all cases: reality is being denied and the observers are merely hysterical and exaggerating the situation. There is no such thing as "love Jihad". Here it's called a 'bogeyman'. We have written about the phenomenon extensively in a 3 piece series -

Asia Times: "'Love jihad' bogeyman resurfaces"

A poster warning about a "love jihad" was put up in the premises of the national headquarters of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in New Delhi last week. It warns "Hindu brothers" about Muslim men marrying Hindu girls to convert them to Islam. Citing the examples of Bollywood actors Saif Ali Khan and Aamir Khan, the poster points out that they married Hindu women and had children, and then went in for a divorce. "Wake up Hindus, wake up. Beware of Love Jihad," the poster warns, appealing to people to report such incidents, and provides an e-mail address and a mobile-phone number for that purpose. The message was issued in the name of the Anti-Love Jihad (...) >>>

July 19, 2011

Emulating the ChiComs -

The Left has somehow come to the conclusion that the autocratic commie republic of China is something to emulate. They never, ever learn, do they. Two items (or three actually), one from a latter day wannabe Walter Duranty and another from the hand of SEIU's Andy Stern: "China's Superior Economic Model: The free-market fundamentalist economic model is being thrown onto the trash heap of history". Stern by the way was partly indoctrinated at the infamous Marxist Alinsky training center, the Midwest Academy -

WaPoOpinions: "A response to Eugene Robinson on China", by Jennifer Rubin

My colleague Eugene Robinson is in China and wrote a column Wednesday that reads a little like Walter Duranty in the USSR. He says this is his first visit to the country but then plunges into an attack on those who take issue with China’s trade and human rights policies, calling such critics’ arguments “wrong” and imploring us simply to “cheer” China’s progress.

His first bit of “evidence”that China isn’t so different from the good old U.S.A? He’s in a really nice hotel. “My hotel is in the chic, yuppified Chaoyang District, just up the street from an Apple store, a Starbucks, a Calvin Klein boutique and just about every luxury retailer you could possibly name. An hour’s drive away, at the visitors center for the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall, the first restaurant you see is a Subway. High-status automobile brands in China include not just Porsche, Audi and Mercedes, but also Buick.” Umm, so??

He concedes that doesn’t justify China’s unfair trading practices. But then what’s the point of raising it? He says, “But when you walk the streets of Beijing, you see a huge, rapidly growing consumer society that in many ways looks much like our own. I know this is an oversimplification.” Actually, it’s horrible, tragically wrong. (...) >>>

Dec, 1, 2011

#Occupy the MSM -

Taibbi is striking back at Andrew Breitbart, betraying staggering ignorance of the ethics of the Right. Occupy and the Tea Party are natural allies against the banksters, never mind the Right is pro free enterprise and wants to shrink the government - read and watch, it's instructive how Taibbi is framing -

Big Journalism: "Journolist 2.0: Occupy Wall Street Emails Show MSM, Dylan Ratigan, Working With Protesters To Craft Message"

Big Journalism has learned that the Occupy Washington DC movement is working with well-known media members to craft its demands and messaging while these media members report on the movement. Someone has made the emails from the Occupy Wall Street email distro public and searchable. The names in the list are a veritable who’s who in media.

Journolist 2.0 includes well known names such as MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan, Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi who both are actively participating; involvement from other listers such as Bill Moyers and Glenn Greenwald plus well-known radicals like Noam Chomsky, remains unclear. The list also includes a number of radical organizers, such as Kevin Zeese. (...) >>>

Oct. 17, 2011

Islamophobia free reporting -

EBD: "Jihad For Journalists"

An elite media school is training reporters to downplay Islamic violence, arguing more people die from AIDS. Yeah, nothing to see there at Ground Zero. Move along. 'Jihad is not a leading cause of death in the world," the Poynter Institute cautions journalists in its online course, "Covering Islam in America." So journos should cover it "in a way that does not amplify fears."

Better to cover malaria and traffic accidents, it says; they've killed far more people than the school's estimate of 165,000 victims of jihad over the past few decades. It notes the biggest Islamic terror toll in the U.S. was the nearly 3,000 killed on 9/11. "To give those numbers some context, the FBI reports that approximately 15,000 people in the U.S. are murdered each year," Poynter's 30-page media guide says. Must we spell it out for Poynter profs? (...) >>>

Oct. 4, 2011

The middle classes demand Marxism! Eh? -

By neat little pay offs like the following the Leftist media is creating the impression the tide is still somehow on their side: "Marx’s revolutionary bourgeoisie finds its voice again". Read the piece and the narrative is quite different: these are the emerging middle classes demanding a civil society, to be rid of the remnants of amoral collectivism: corruption! This is how you create civilizations, democracies! Not my the method of the 'Arab Spring', which simply subtitutes one collective for another -

The Economist: "The new middle classes rise up"

THE past four years have seen a sharp contrast between recession-hit rich countries and buoyant emerging giants. This year the rich countries’ economic woes have spilled over to their politics, too: European governments are bogged down in the euro crisis while America brought upon itself a sovereign-debt downgrade. But the woe is not all on one side. Despite their economic achievements, the likes of China, India, Indonesia and Brazil—to say nothing of the Middle East—are suffering discontent almost as profound as the malaise in the West (...) >>>

Sept. 4, 2011

Rick Perry, a case study -

HillBuzz: "ACTION ITEM: Keep track of the media’s attacks on Rick Perry…a perfect case study in how the media works overtime to help Democrats"

Here’s something it didn’t occur to me to do back in 2008 when Governor Sarah Palin first emerged on the national scene, by way of Dayton, Ohio, when John McCain announced her as his vice presidential running mate. (...) And then it all began. (...) Texas Governor Rick Perry emerged this weekend on the national scene himself, though he had a higher pre-debut profile than Governor Palin did. (...) This presents us with a great opportunity to chronicle exactly how the media works in concert against a Republican, to slash at him with a hundred thousand tiny cuts, reporters seemingly working together to push memes and narratives that destroy a person’s credibility (and often their life) to best serve Democrats. (...) >>>

Aug. 17, 2011

State disinfo -


The 0031 state TV @NOS is reporting that the Norwegian mega terrorist Breivit (manifesto), who produced a blood bath last Friday on the island of Utøya among Pali loving socialist youths, is one and the same as the author and blogger Fjordman. The latter however was emotionally live blogging the events from his kitchen table. (...) >>>

July 24, 2011

SoroS' spider web -

CNSN: Over 30 Major News Organizations Linked to George Soros I/IV"

When liberal investor George Soros gave $1.8 million to National Public Radio, it became part of the firestorm of controversy that jeopardized NPR's federal funding. But that gift only hints at the widespread influence the controversial billionaire has on the mainstream media. Soros, who spent $27 million trying to defeat President Bush in 2004, has ties to more than 30 mainstream news outlets, including The New York Times, Washington Post, the Associated Press, NBC and ABC.

Prominent journalists like ABC's Christiane Amanpour and former Washington Post editor and now Vice President Len Downie serve on boards of operations that take Soros cash. This despite the Society of Professional Journalist's ethical code stating, “avoid all conflicts real or perceived.” This information is part of an upcoming report by the Media Research Center’s Business & Media Institute, which has been looking into George Soros and his influence on the media. (...) >>>

May 15, 2011

Ganging up on The Donald -

NewsMax: "Trump Confronts Media Flip-Flop"

The mainstream media news coverage has undergone a bizarre transformation in relation to Donald Trump. It is as if someone flipped a switch, causing The Donald to go from media buddy to media target in a New York minute. Unfortunately, Trump is now able to relate to Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann in a way few others can.

Trump has been attacked by mainstream anchors and Hollywood celebrities alike. Bob Schieffer and David Letterman called him a racist. Lawrence O’Donnell called him a monster. Cher used the word “pompous” along with an expletive to describe him. Now Trump has suffered an assault from the president himself. (...) >>>

May 2, 2011

Hate TV -

RightSideNews: "How Al-Jazeera Kills Americans"

The U.S. media propaganda campaign in favor of Al-Jazeera getting on more American television networks, stations and cable systems has reached Time magazine and The Washington Post. But the shocking truth about this Arab government-funded “news” network may still get out through congressional hearings arranged by Rep. Peter King, chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security.

Time has a story, “Why the U.S. Needs Al Jazeera,” by Ishaan Tharoor, who claims, that “…millions across the world, including many first-time viewers in the U.S., have marveled in recent weeks at Al Jazeera English’s impressive coverage from the front lines of the protests currently shaking the Middle East.”

A different opinion is provided by Florida broadcaster Jerry Kenney, who compares Al-Jazeera to an arsonist who, after setting a fire, records the inferno and then brags about the film footage. Hundreds have died in the violence in the Middle East egged on by Al-Jazeera. (...) >>>

Feb. 28, 2011

Alarming trends in news -

Following insight is pertaining to Australia. But it is happening all over the Western world -

Quadrant Online: "Ministry of Propaganda", by David Flint

On the one side, there is a distinct lack of checks and balances. Murdoch apart, the media proprietor has almost completely disappeared from metropolitan newspapers, radio stations and television networks. (...) The other side of the pincer movement is that the practice of journalism has changed. No longer a trade, journalism is now seen by many insiders as a profession requiring university training. But university communications departments are mainly about left wing politics, and attract students who tend not to read newspapers but whose ambition on graduation is to join the ranks of the celebrity journalists.

In the absence of proprietors and strong editors, the strongest influence on our journalists is other journalists. This is manifested in the herd mentality of the press gallery, and the emergence of the journalism cabals which run Fairfax, the ABC and SBS.

At the same time there has been a blurring of the separation of news from comment, so much so that the public have difficulty in determining just what is news and what is comment. (...)

And now we are to have to have a multicultural propaganda office which will no doubt be used to counter any suggestion that the government has lost control of our borders. In the meantime Paul Cleary revealed in The Australian (15/1) that there has been an overwhelming trend for ministers to appoint spin doctors to policy positions, rather than those who have any depth of knowledge and understanding about the particular portfolio. (...) >>>

Feb. 27, 2011

Spin for the cause or just supreme evasion? -

Time Magazine is lamenting the plight of the 'moderate' Muslim. I don't know this one, but since they also label the Muslim Brotherhood 'moderate', who knows what's going on in this article: spin, or supreme delusion?

That all isn't well is betrayed by collating conservatives with neo Nazis - they like lumping, when it suits them -

Yahoo!News: "Europe Conservatives' New Scapegoat: Multiculturalism" (Time)

In the decade since 9/11 forced the world to update its views of Islam and look for ways to dissuade its practitioners from drifting towards extremism, Western societies have placed a high premium on the moderate Muslim: those modern, sensible examples of how Islam can be practiced and honored harmoniously within predominately non-Muslim communities. French writer and anthropologist Dounia Bouzar has been iconic of that "moderate Muslim", authoring books and articles on how mutually acceptable compromise can be found when Islam and Western societies do clash. Now, however, that effort has landed Bouzar in the uncomfortable position that moderates of various kinds have found themselves in over the ages, when their centrist positions made them targets for extremists to either side. (...) >>>

Feb. 25, 2011


Gateway Pundit: "Breaking: State-Run Media Ran Interference for Obama By Spiking Logan Assault Story"

Unbelievable. The state-run media ran interference for President Obama by spiking the Lara Logan Tahrir Square assault story. They knew it would damage Obama’s
Jewish World Review reported:
A funny thing happened on the way to the glorious democracy ostensibly emerging in Egypt. CBS reporter Lara Logan, “covering the jubilation” as CBS put it, was surrounded by a mob of men screaming, “Jew, Jew!” who beat and sexually assaulted her. She is currently recovering in a U.S. hospital from injuries described as “serious.” Despite the fact that the incident occurred last Friday, CBS sat on the story until it became apparent that other members of the media had gotten wind of it. Why? The bet here is that this incident interferes with the mainstream media-established narrative regarding the true nature of some “freedom-loving” Egyptians. People yearning for democracy aren’t supposed to be anti-Semitic thugs or sexual predators as well. Thus, a genuine news item became an “un-story.” (...) >>>

Feb. 18, 2011

When they become a target -

For good reason services like the Red Cross are taking care to remain neutral when working in war zones. They want to work for all parties and don't want to be attacked, so they observe neutrality. The Western media in Egypt showed us what happens when they come to be seen as a party in the conflict. They made no bones about being firmly on the side of the revolutionaries. Separated from all objectivity, they became a target.

Only today we learnt that CBS reporter Lara Logan was seriously sexually assaulted. The media down-play the event. One sick son of a bitch - a New York City University fellow Nir Rosen, who has since apologized and stepped down - went so far as to insult the victim. Oh, and eh ... "There will be no further comment from CBS News and correspondent Logan and her family respectfully request privacy at this time" -

CBS: "CBS News' Lara Logan Assaulted During Egypt Protests"

Feb. 15, 2011

Palileaks may be an Iranian plant -

The Spectator has supporting evidence -

Que bono from Palileaks? Hamas, Iran. Just how independent is shiite Qatar based Al Jazeera?

Asharq al-Awsat: "The Palestinian Authority to release documents critical of Qatar"

Senior Palestinian sources have informed Asharq Al-Awsat that the Palestinian Authority is in possession of important documents that condemn Qatar with regards to numerous issues relating to the Palestinian – Israeli negotiations. (...)

The source, who spoke to Asharq Al-Awsat on the condition of anonymity, refused to give the precise details of these documents, describing them only as being "grave." The source also revealed that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has prevented these documents from being published quickly, as some Palestinian officials wanted, in response to the "Palestine papers" leaked by the Qatari Al Jazeera channel.

The Palestinian Authorities relations with Qatari are at their lowest ebb, and in Ramallah pictures of Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifah Al Thani were set on fire by protestors, in an indication that the Palestinian people are holding Qatar and its Emir responsible for the Al Jazeera leaks. >>>

Conservative Dutch-Iranian blogger Afshin Ellian writes this (autotranslation) (original text):

Al-Jazeera has a number of secret diplomatic documents made public on the Palestinian Authority. It is amazing how quickly and without any examination some European journalists, especially the Dutch left-wing media,  have adopted these documents as truth. Wikileaks publications have been recognized by the United States of America. So did the reliability of these documents need not be examined. But what about the reliability of Al-Jazeera? (...) >>>

Jan. 28, 2011

Assange targeting Dutch decision -

Assange once again has been exposed as an anti Western activist. He has been colluding with MSM to strategically release cables ahead of a Parliamentary vote to send a police training mission to Afghanistan. "It's no coincidence", he says in an interview with the Dutch state newscaster. He wants Parliament to make an 'informed decision'. Here's an awful autotranslation -

Trouw: "Assange releases cables ahead of decision on Afghanistan"

Original text

Jan. 19, 2011

The blame Palin & TeaParty tactic is back-firing -

Dems and liberals at large are now turning on this narrative that Palin, TeaParty, talk radio and martial rhetoric is to blame for lunatic Loughner shooting Congresswoman Giffords. Not only are the polls showing adverse figures, even the MSM is turning on, who's seen as the instigator of this narrative, Paul Krugman -

Conservatives4Palin: "Amanda Coyne from the Alaska Dispatch: The Left Is Overplaying Its Hand"

Our friend from the Alaska Dispatch tweets the following:

The left is overplaying their hand. It’s bound to backfire if they keep it up. I’m even getting sick of it.

If a liberal like Coyne holds such feelings, one can only imagine how people from the center are reacting to the antics of the Democrat Party. Even urban Northeast moderates, such as the play-by-play guy for the Boston Celtics, are mocking the Democrat Party’s narrative about Governor Palin. (...) >>>

Politeia: "The Jaw Dropping Hypocrisy of the Left"

It took about a split second for some Leftist cook to hint at Tea Partier involvement in the shooting of Jewish Blue Dog Congresswoman Rep. Danielle Giffords (D-AZ). This was almost at once picked up by the international spinner tweet chorus (picture). Apparently the smear originated with Giffords' elderly father (NYPost).

This was answered by Pamela Geller on Atlas Shrugs, who took the trouble of going through Loughner's YouTube account. It seems Hitler and Karl Marx are among his favorite authors, but then again, it seems that Orwell's Animal Farm, Brave New World, and Plato's Republic also touch the Loughner book shelves.

Geller has more on the Leftist framing machine that is spinning like a top on steroids, and which has by now has just about everyone involved, from media pundits to politicians and hacks. (...) >>>

Jan. 11, 2011

US pot calls French kettle black -

The US MSM have practically been living in Obama's pocket for the last three years! Yet they are the standard by which US diplomats measure the French, posh press. Have a good laugh at this Wikileak! -

Digital Journal: "Opinion: The French press — And you thought things were bad in America?"

A leaked WikiLeaks cable from the US embassy in Paris is severe in its criticism of the French press, which it considers to be more easily influenced by government and business interests than the American press. That is an accurate assessment. “As if I didn’t know.” That criticism is often leveled at the content of leaked diplomatic cables supplied by Wikileaks and being published by the press at the moment, but this one contains information that few people who do not know the French press intimately are aware of.

The unclassified cable – “Cable07Paris306, Engagement With Muslim Communities – France" – primarily discusses ongoing and pro-active efforts by America which were begun two years ago to get France to improve its treatment of minority and immigrant groups, the largest of which by far is the Muslim community, and to identify possible future political and other talent. That content alone makes for fascinating reading and the American analysis is correct. (...) >>>

Dec. 27, 2010
The SoroS propaganda chain -

Shock and awe in Alaska -

In From the Cold: "And They Wonder Why We Hate Them (Alaska TV Edition)", by Spook86

As many of you know, I am a recovering journalist. Before coming to my senses (and embarking on a military career) I spent several years as a print and broadcast reporter in the Mid-South region. During that time, I participated in literally hundreds of story, planning and general bull sessions, aimed at determining how the paper or broadcast outlet would cover the news. (...)

Still, having been a participant in the process--and having sat through more story conferences and assignment meetings that I care to count--I was positively shocked by what transpired at KTVA, the CBS affiliate in Anchorage, Alaska. (...) >>>

Nov. 6, 2010

Conceil the truth at all cost - We can answer the not so rhetorical question. We've heard it from Wilders Prosecutor: truth is no basis for the defense - here's Juan Williams response -

AiM: "NPR Fires Juan Williams Over Muslim Remarks"

National Public Radio fired longtime “Talk of the Nation” host Juan Williams after the Council of Islamic Relations complained about remarks Williams made while appearing on The O’Reilly Factor Monday. (...) In other words NPR’s editorial standards require employees to be politically correct at all times and making any statement that might cast Muslims in a negative light is strictly taboo even if it may be true. (...) >>>

Oct. 21 2010

"Tell the truth" campaign launched -

CNSNews: "Bozell Declares War on Liberal Media; Launches 'Tell the Truth' Campaign"

Media Research Center President L. Brent Bozell III is calling on members of the liberal media to “Tell the Truth” about the administration’s efforts to push the U.S. toward socialism. On a Wednesday evening Webcast, Bozell announced the kick-off of a $2.1 million campaign designed to counter the way the mainstream media portray the situation the nation currently faces. (...) >>>

Sept. 18, 2010

Manipulating the numbers -

Atlas Thrugs: "Massive Distortion of Massive Rally"

(...) Massive 9/11 Rally “News” Distorted by Establishment Media - This year’s 9/11 anniversary in New York brought opponents and supporters of the controversial “ground zero mosque” to the streets by the thousands. That fact has spawned a new controversy, as the American people yet again were served a false narrative by the dominant liberal establishment mass media. Exhibit A: in the “media reality distortion case #2478697,” is the photo scene below. This photo shows the 9/11 Remembrance/Stop the Ground Zero Mosque Rally hosted by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. According to the New York Times, that is a crowd of 2,000 persons. (...) >>>

Sept. 16, 2010

Self-censoring in action -

Associated Press: "AP Advisory - AP Standards Center issues staff advisory on covering New York City mosque"

Associated Press Deputy Managing Editor for Standards and Production Tom Kent sent the following note to the staff about covering the New York City mosque story:

Aug. 19, 2010


Here is some guidance on covering the NYC mosque story, with assists from Chad Roedemeier in the NYC bureau and Terry Hunt in Washington:

- Caption: screenshot of AP page - click to enlarge - 

1. We should continue to avoid the phrase "ground zero mosque" or "mosque at ground zero" on all platforms. (We’ve very rarely used this wording, except in slugs, though we sometimes see other news sources using the term.) The site of the proposed Islamic center and mosque is not at ground zero, but two blocks away in a busy commercial area. We should continue to say it’s “near” ground zero, or two blocks away.

WE WILL CHANGE OUR SLUG ON THIS STORY LATER TODAY from “BC-Ground Zero Mosque” to “BC-NYC Mosque.” (...) >>>

Aug 19, 2010

Get Bush! -

Washington Examiner: "Mosque supporters beg George W. Bush to come to Obama's rescue", by Byron York

There's a new argument emerging among supporters of the Ground Zero mosque. Distressed by President Obama's waffling on the issue, they're calling on former President George W. Bush to announce his support for the project, because in this case Bush understands better than Obama the connection between the war on terror and the larger question of America's relationship with Islam. It's an extraordinary change of position for commentators who long argued that Bush had done grievous harm to America's image in the Muslim world and that Obama represented a fresh start for the United States. Nevertheless, they are now seeing a different side of the former president. "It's time for W. to weigh in," writes the New York Times' Maureen Dowd.(...) >>>

Aug 18, 2010

Journolist - here's the get-out-of-jail card -

This item says it all: they were misguided, but hey, they did it out of idealism and with the best intentions ... it's the evil right that are exploiting with teeny, weeny mistake ... they'll never get it now  -

Politico: "Journolist veers out of bounds", by Roger Simon

This may be the most embarrassing thing I have ever written — and looking back on my writing, there is a lot of competition for that dubious distinction — but when I became a reporter, it was almost a holy calling. We really believed we were doing good. We informed the public and helped make democracy work. We exposed wrongdoing wherever we found it. We reported without fear or favor. As a columnist, I tried to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. (...) Chuck Todd, political director and chief White House correspondent for NBC News, who was not part of Journolist, told me this: “I am sure Ezra had good intentions when he created it, but I am offended the right is using this as a sledgehammer against those of us who don’t practice activist journalism. (...) >>>

Journolist - reds under beds -

KeywikiBlog: "“JournoListas” – the Socialist connection"

The now closed down JournoList, has caused considerable controversy in recent weeks. According to its opponents, JournoList, teamed up some 400 prominent “progressive” journalists in an effort to smooth Barack Obama’s path to the White House. There have been accusations that “Journolitstas”, deliberately sought to downplay Obama’s association with the marxist Rev. Jeremiah Wright and tried to smear conservatives, or opposing journalists as “racists”.

This post looks at 106 reported “Journolistas” to look for connections or common threads. Of the known “Jounolistas” and organizations listed below, many can be linked back to two interrelated groups Democratic Socialists of America, the U.S.’s largest marxist based organization and D.S.A.’s “brain” the Washington DC based, far left “think tank” the Institute for Policy Studies Between them. D.S.A. and the I.P.S. dominate or influence several organizations affiliated to JournoList, including (...) >>>

Jul 26, 2010

Journolist - the list in pictures -

The Journolist in pictures shows an unfortunate monochromatic tendency in the membership -

American Thinker: "The unbearable whiteness of being on Journolist (important update)", by Thomas Lifson

The left wing cabal to manage the news known as Journolist is apparently guilty if one of the cardinal sins of the left: lack of diversity. Big Fur Hat, the comic genius who posts regularly on iOwnTheWorld.com, has assembled head shots of the publicly identified members of the listserv group, and guess what? Not a single African-American is to be found. (...) >>>

Jul. 24, 2010

Journolist - the Obama nexus -

Read also: "It Begins: Journolistas Start Preemptive Confessions" - Nate Silver, soon to be blogging at The New York Times, is not waiting for The Daily Caller to expose more e-mails from the Journolist, in which Silver participated (...) Update: Thanks to a reader for alerting me to the Ben Smith's (Politico) preemptive confession (emphasis mine) (...) Update 7-23-2010: Add Greg Sargent of The Washington Post, who regularly attacks Sharron Angle, to the list (...) >>>

Legal Insurrection: "Obama Journolist Operative Invited Other Journolistas to White House"

On February 18, 2010, I wrote a post titled Progressive Bloggers In The Wizard of Oz, about a trip by several "progressive" bloggers to meet at The White House with Jared Bernstein, Chief Economist to Vice President Joe Biden. The post carried a photo of serious-looking faces reflecting what I believed -- tongue in cheek -- was "the moment they realized that they were not going to get to meet with the 'chief economist to President Barack Obama.'" Boy, was I wrong. It was more like a reunion. Of Journolistas.

The "Chief Economist to Vice President Joe Biden" was none other than Journalista Jared Bernstein, who -- thanks to a post at Volokh Conspiracy (via Instapundit)-- I just learned was an adviser to the Obama campaign in 2008 when he was active on the Journolist:
One question that has arisen in the last week is how closely JournoList members, not only discussed how to shape the news to advance the fortunes of Barack Obama, but coordinated with the Obama campaign. Jared Bernstein’s position as an unpaid adviser and surrogate shows that there was at least one direct link between JournoList and the Obama campaign.
In attendance for the meeting at the White House were fellow Journolistas Matthew Yglesias (Think Progress), Tim Fernholz (American Prospect) and Chris Hayes (The Nation). One of the other bloggers in attendance was Oliver Willis, whose name has not surfaced on the Journolist, but who works for Media Matters, so he is practically an Honorary Journolista.

So... An Obama campaign operative interacted on the Journolist with sympathetic media types in the run-up to the election, and then rewarded favored Journolistas with a visit to the White House. (...) >>>

Jul 23, 2010

Parrots against Palin - The entry for Journolist in "Discover the Networks" -

The Daily Caller: "When McCain picked Palin, liberal journalists coordinated the best line of attack"

In the hours after Sen. John McCain announced his choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate in the last presidential race, members of an online forum called Journolist struggled to make sense of the pick. Many of them were liberal reporters, and in some cases their comments reflected a journalist’s instinct to figure out the meaning of a story.

But in many other exchanges, the Journolisters clearly had another, more partisan goal in mind: to formulate the most effective talking points in order to defeat Palin and McCain and help elect Barack Obama president. The tone was more campaign headquarters than newsroom. (...) >>>

Jul 22, 2010

Update ... Conservatives Karl Rove and Fred Barnes respond to Journolist ‘racist’ post - "A Dying Media Writes its Own Obituary", by Daniel Greenfield

Mark Levin has the now defunct Journolist. We have a copy with new updates.

The Daily Caller: "Obama wins! And Journolisters rejoice", by Jonathan Strong

Jul 21, 2010

Journolist - The parrot circuit in the MSM busted - To news junkies like yours truly it had become apparent that someone or something is coordinating the news stories out on the MSM. The spin that is put on them is obviously centrally directed. Hence the parrot circuit which we now know is called the Journolist. I've long secretly hedged my bets on Media Matters. This isn't paranoia or conspiracy theory. They've been outed. Here's proof ... more on Daily Caller how news on Rev. Wright was 'killed' - Here's a quote (which should come as no surprise):
(...) find a rightwinger's [sic] [face] and smash it through a plate-glass window. Take a snapshot of the bleeding mess and send it out in a Christmas card to let the right know that it needs to live in a state of constant fear. Obviously I mean this rhetorically.
The mind numbing harping on trivia I've long marked as smoke screens. That is a staggering story. Also check out Ed Driscoll on PJM. In an entirely separate instance Reza Khalili rips through manufactured news created by WaPo's Jeff Stein. They're out of control and have seriously misplaced the moral compass -

Big Journalism: "Busted… Proof That Far Left Media Hacks Are Colluding to Spin National News at JournoList", by Jim Hoft

This is a photo of Dave Weigel. Dave Weigel is holding a “Teabag Them Before They Teabag You” doll. Dave was hired as the “conservative writer” for The Washington Post despite his leftist leanings. Dave is also a member of JournoList. Leftist media hack and WaPo journalist Ezra Klein founded Journolist with far left crank Joe Klein from TIME magazine in February of 2007. Klein admitted that Journolist was an “insulated space where the lure of a smart, ongoing conversation would encourage journalists, policy experts and assorted other observers to share their insights with one another.”

But, you had to be a leftist to join this group. It was an exclusive club. And, it grew to include 400 of the most prominent leftist American journalists who shared ideas and helped spin the far left narrative in the state-run media. This is where far left cranks colluded to spit out the DNC’s talking points and to defend President Barack Obama’s radical agenda. Last week Dave Weigel was outed as a member of Journolist and resigned from his position as “conservative writer” for The Washington Post. The left was hoping this would be the end of the story. They were wrong. Yesterday, Andrew Breitbart announced that he would reward $100,000 to anyone who could provide the full “JournoList” archive, source fully protected. Of course, this was too enticing a story for the left to ignore. In response to the news of a reward, JournoList member Ben Smith mocked Breitbart on his popular blog at The Politico (...) >>>

Jul 20, 2010

The world according to CNN -

Fired by CNN for having compromized her credibility, the Guardian obviously thinks it's an overreaction. The British embassador to Beirut agrees with Nasr's sentiments: "a tribute to Fadlallah came from another seemingly unlikely source: the UK ambassador to Beirut. Frances Guy, who has headed the mission since 2006, wrote on her official Foreign Office blog: "Lebanon is a lesser place … the world needs more men like him, willing to reach out across faiths, acknowledging the reality of the modern world and daring to confront old constraints. May he rest in peace."
Comments beneath the post were mainly positive, although one read: "Her esteemed predecessors, such as Sir John Gray, lived in mortal fear of being blown up by Fadlallah's Hezbollah hoods. So much for the 'admired Shia leader' she refers to above." (...) >>> -

Honest Reporting: "CNN's Cheerleader for Hezbollah"

CNN's Senior Editor of Mideast Affairs professes her respect for an extremist sheikh and spiritual father of a terrorist organization. (...) >>>

Jul 5, 2010

iM: "A Left-wing Journalistic Plant in the Conservative Movement"

A writer masquerading as a conservative who was supposed to be covering the conservative movement has quit his job under fire at the Washington Post. The writer, David Weigel, left after it came to light that he had made disparaging remarks about conservative personalities on a private email list of liberal journalists. The scandal involves The Washington Post, Reason magazine, and a network of “independent” on-line publications with funding from billionaire George Soros and multi-millionaire gay mogul Tim Gill.

In a major understatement, the Post ombudsman, or consumer advocate, says the scandal will affect the paper’s standing among conservatives. But the Post never had any standing among conservatives. This is why it is called the Compost.

Filled with profanity, emails from Weigel were leaked and publicized showing that he said Matt Drudge of Drudge Report fame ought to set himself on fire, ridiculed the first-rate reporting of Byron York of the Washington Examiner, called conservatives racist, suggested Tea Party members were stupid, and expressed the hope that Rush Limbaugh would die from heart problems.

Weigel was just the latest version of a Washington Post liberal hatchet man. He was supposed to have “conservative” credentials, which turned out to be based on his association with a group of Reason magazine libertarians committed to abortion, gay rights, marijuana and pornography. We are now learning that Weigel voted for Obama. (...) >>>

Jun 26, 2010

Epic failure - The media narrative was already in place before events had played out. It's just a matter of time now, before they'll start reporting prior to the event. Here's all you need to know about the Gaza propflot -

American Thinker: " The media's epic failure in covering the Gaza incident", Rick Moran

Coverage of the Israeli commando attack on the so-called "peace" flotilla in the mainstream press has failed miserably in disseminating the facts and filling in the blanks about the nature of the organization behind the flotilla as well as some of the people who were aboard that ship. (...) >>>

Jun 3, 2010

The NYT blinks -

Examiner: "NY Times acknowledges rampant union abuses", Robert Moon

With New York spiraling uncontrollably toward full-blown bankruptcy, many have noted that government unions--which by definition, shouldn't even exist--are raping, pillaging and plundering the system into oblivion...all while demanding more tax hikes on everyone else to protect their obscenely cushy arrangements. And in a rare moment of actual journalism, the Obama-worshiping propaganda machine that hasn't endorsed a single Republican presidential candidate since Eisenhower (the New York Times) has finally lifted a finger to examine the non-SEIU side of the story. It's conclusion: Union abuses are staggering and are bankrupting the system. From the article: (...) >>>

May 23, 2010

Can you spell B.I.G.O.T.S.? -

PJM: "The Appalling Media Double Standard on Reporting Political Violence", by Bob Owens

During the recent health care debate in Congress, the media was quick to latch on to every perceived slight or hurt, real or imagined, directed at Democrats. They offered wall-to-wall coverage of phoned-in threats of violence against Democratic representatives, even as they hastened to downplay the stray bullet that crashed through an office belonging to Republican Eric Cantor.

These same media outlets were quick to pounce on reports that a handful of Democratic offices were vandalized, and they seemed to relish in discussing the glory-hound, former militia leader who sought to claim credit for the handful of broken windows. The message from the media was clear: any violence against their liberal allies will be broadcast far and wide, and any threat or slur will be published as fact, no matter how dubious the claim. The reverse, sadly, is not true, and that is not a recent development. (...) >>>

May 8, 2010

Big Journalism: "Want Proof of Media Bias, Here It Is: A Tale of Two Cases", by Dana Loesch

It’s glorious to see government mouthpieces extend the benefit of the doubt to someone mired in a court case when that someone plays for their team. Case in point: David Kernell, son of Tennessee Rep. Mike Kernell, who stands charged with identity theft and fraud, among other charges, related to hacking into Sarah Palin’s email account and if convicted, could spend up to 50 years in prison. (...) >>>

Apr 28, 2010

The Obama White House's anti-democratic tendencies are here in full display: 1. interfering in not even a subtle way with the free press, 2. smearing the political opponents, 3. embarrassing a potential ally. How typical of this administration such thuggish behavior has become. What a story!

Outside The Beltway: "Elena Kagan Lesbian Rumor Smear Neither Smear Nor Rumor", by James Joyner

A week ago, Ben Domenech wrote a blog post about ten candidates rumored to be on the short list of nominees for replacing John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court and contends that Elena Kagan, Obama’s Solicitor General and reputedly at the top of list, “would please much of Obama’s base” and “follows [the] diversity politics of Sotomayor with [the] first openly gay justice.” CBS News then secures permission to republish said post as a column in their online opinion section, which they did for Thursday’s edition.

All hell breaks loose. (...) It’s all truly bizarre. We’re at the most gay-friendly time in American history and have, arguable, the most liberal administration ever on social issues. And yet they’re treating casual mention of Kagan’s sexuality as a smear orchestrated by the Right? Yes, of course, appointing a lesbian to the Supreme Court would trigger a political fight. We’re much more tolerant of these things than we were ten or twenty years ago, but it’s still a controversial subject. But the reaction makes no sense whatsoever.

Further, CBS should be ashamed. What sort of journalistic ethics have they displayed here? First, they republish a four-day-old column and don’t bother fact-checking? Then, in response to pressure from the White House — at which point any journalist worth his salt would dig in, citing the sanctity of freedom of the press — they again don’t bother fact-checking but, instead, meekly pull the piece within hours? Seriously? >>>

Apr 18, 2010


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