Thursday, January 3, 2008

Addictions, Enslavement, Dependence

Politeia: Quit Smoking? We Help You Kick the Habit!"

The nanny super state continues to enlarge its role. It's holding a sway over people's minds, taking over chunks of normal human responsibilities, that are considered too hefty for 'us victims'. This permanent status of ward-of-state allows us the luxury of never really having to grow up. Evil conspiracy theorists have suggested that mass control on such a scale is only possible, if large sections of society enslave themselves on a voluntary basis. Enter sex, drugs and rock 'n roll, Narcissism induced arrested development, coupled with extreme social incontinence. (...)

Is your New Year's resolution to kick the habit and regain control over your own actions? Keep the above in mind, and above all - not to answer the urge isn't lethal! If you decide you need further guidance by reading the book, then - and this is key - do not make any attempts to quit before you've read the book. If health issues are at stake, do not delay and go to the book shop - now! Good luck! And my all means, drop us a line if you think it helps. >>>

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