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Political Correctness: merry solistice

This year's harvest of madness and preventive bowing to offended minorities -

OCR: "Mark Steyn: Even Christians taking Christ out of Christmas"

Dec. 17, 2011

Ugly cousin 'impropriety' -

Don't buy the impropriety thing, peeps. It's another ugly cousin of political correctness, another tool for the Left to get their way and control the rest of us. Feeling 'uncomfortable', that is as subjective as it is going to get -

CDNews: "Serious questons arise about Cain accuser Sharon Bialek"

On Tuesday, the campaign of GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain released a statement putting his latest accuser Sharon Bialek’s history into full public view.
The fact is that Ms. Bialek has had a long and troubled history, from the courts to personal finances – which may help explain why she has come forward 14 years after an alleged incident with Mr. Cain, powered by celebrity attorney and long term Democrat donor Gloria Allred.
In the courts, Ms. Bialek has had a lengthy record in the Cook County Court system over various civil lawsuits. (...) >>>
Nov. 8, 2011

When truth is offensive -

Telegraph: "Gay marriage? We may as well allow it with animals, says Christian Tory"

A Christian Tory councillor has been suspended after suggesting the Government "may as well legalise marriage with animals" in response to David Cameron's support of same-sex marriages. (...) >>>

Oct. 13, 2011

Hey, make my day! -


Strangled by political correctness and emasculated by weak kneed liberals squeaking that criminals must be allowed their human rights, our police force until recently was a pale shadow of what it takes to serve and protect. It took looters running rampage to hammer home that we don’t need Muscle Marys as a model for our policemen. We need a force of Dirty Harrys and Bernard Hogan Howe has the stone face and lean physique for the role. Clint Eastwood as the San Francisco detective “Dirty Harry” Callahan in the popular series of moves in the ’70′s and ’80′s, did not hesitate to drift in and out of the law in pursuit of his own vision of justice, when the protection of the public took second place to inept bureaucracy. Dirty Harry had his priorities right. He put the protection of the innocent and justice for the victims above everything else. His methods were rarely endorsed by his superiors, who demoted, suspended or transferred him to other departments. Needless to say, Harry was always immediately recalled as soon as their own lives were in danger or a nutter threatened to run rampage. Dirty Harry’s views clashed violently with the politically correct thinking of today, but was he really as bad as Harriet Harman would make out?

DIRTY HARRY ON RACISM. Policeman: “Harry can’t bear Chinks, Dagos, Micks, Blacks or Limeys.” His new Mexican partner: “How does he feel about Mexicans?” Harry (with a wink): Most of all, I hate Spics!” (...) >>>

Sept. 23, 2011

Marxism with a nose job -

Gates of Vienna: "Political Correctness — The Revenge of Marxism"
FrontPage Magazine (link, read that too): You make the shrewd observation of how political correctness engenders evil because of “the violence that it does to people’s souls by forcing them to say or imply what they do not believe, but must not question.” Can you talk about this a bit? 
Theodore Dalrymple: Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.
I have heard people who have grown up in former Communist countries say that we in the West are at least as brainwashed by Multiculturalism and Political Correctness as they ever were with Communism, perhaps more so. (...) >>>

Sept. 10, 2011

Ridicule ... with a great sense of humor! -

PLD: "The Rush Is On", by Ben Crystal

On the afternoon of March 2, Arid Uka murdered two American service personnel during an attack at the Frankfurt International Airport. In the days following the attack, German officials identified Uka—who evidently shouted “Allahu Akbar!” as he fired—as a “quickly radicalized” Muslim and a part of a known network of al-Qaida sympathizers.

As information filtered out, President Barack Obama responded through a State Department mouthpiece named P.J. Crowley, cautioning against a rush to judgment. "…look at the evidence and look at the motivation and then you make a judgment." A Muslim with known al-Qaida connections targeted and murdered Americans. I can see how Obama/Crowley might be confused about the motivation.

So what does it take to earn a terrorist designation in the opinion of the Democrat Party? Is there a jihadi decoder ring? Does the shooter have to show his autographed Ayman al-Zawahiri baseball card? Maybe Uka is merely a gentle shepherd, pushed over the edge of sanity after Ellie the ewe broke it off, and he wasn’t yelling Allahu Akbar, but “Ellie, you broke my heart!” (I’m leaving that one in, even though I know I shouldn’t. Sometimes, I like to see if Mr. Livingston is awake.) (...) >>>

Mar 8, 2011

Multicult is null and void -

After German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Sarkozy, the UK PM David Cameron and the Dutch Minister for Economic Affairs took the lead declaring multiculturalism null and void, a member of the Muslim Canadian Congress tells Muslims in Canada to stick their halal stuff where the sun don't shine. Priceless! He also explains what multicult actually means: " (...) it's official multiculturalism - the state policy "that entrenches the lie" that all cultures and beliefs are of equal value and of equal validity in Canada that he objects to" - Hat Tip: Zozosophie

Calgary Herald: "Let's change the tune on official multiculturalism"

About one dozen families who recently immigrated to Canada are demanding that the Louis Riel School Division in Winnipeg excuse their children from music and coed physical education programs for religious reasons. The families believe that music is un-Islamic - just like the Taliban believe and then imposed on the entire population of Afghanistan - and that physical education classes should be segregated by gender even in the elementary years. (...) Mahfooz Kanwar, a member of the Muslim Canadian Congress, says he has some better ideas.

"I'd tell them, this is Canada, and in Canada, we teach music and physical education in our schools. If you don't like it, leave. If you want to live under sharia law, go back to the hellhole country you came from or go to another hellhole country that lives under sharia law," said Kanwar, who is a professor emeritus of sociology at Mount Royal University in Calgary. (...) >>>

Feb. 17, 2011

Shock! it kills -

TWT: "EDITORIAL: Obama’s jihadist coverup - Political correctness responsible for Fort Hood murders"

A Senate investigation has found that the November 2009 Fort Hood massacre was predictable and avoidable, something that was obvious to anyone except members of the Obama administration. Worse, the White House still refuses to admit that a jihadist terror attack took place on the Army base.

The Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee recently concluded a year-long look into the circumstances of the domestic terror incident that took 14 lives. The committee report concluded that the Department of Defense and the FBI “collectively had sufficient information to have detected [Major Nidal] Hasan’s radicalization to violent Islamist extremism but failed both to understand and to act on it.” (...) >>>

Feb. 11, 2011

Comrade Ashton strikes again -

Telegraph: "Baroness Ashton in political correctness row over word 'Christian' "

Baroness Ashton is under fire after the EU failed to agree on a statement condemning attacks on religious minorities in the Islamic world because it is not politically correct to use the word "Christian". (...) >>>

Feb. 2, 2011

Labeling isn't PC-ness -

The Blaze: "Journalist Group Complains ‘Illegal Immigrant’ Term is ‘Offensive’ to Latinos"

The Diversity Committee of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) is calling on news reporters nationwide to drop the term “illegal immigrant” from their news coverage in an effort to “inform and sensitize” people on how “offensive” the phrase is to Latinos.

In the latest issue of the SPJ’s magazine, Quill, Diversity Committee member Leo Laurence announced the organization’s new campaign against “illegal immigrant” and “illegal alien,“ claiming that individuals living in America without approval should be called ”undocumented workers“ or ”undocumented immigrants.”

“[T]his is not about being politically correct,” SPJ Diversity Committee chairman George Daniels says, but about aiming to “minimize harm” when reporting. (...) >>>

Dec. 30, 2010

Brace for this year's avalange of assaults on Christmas! This is what happens when people forget the difference between negative and positive rights -

Pat Dollard: "Federal Government Forces Oklahoma Bank To Remove Crosses, Bible Verses, Christmas Decorations"

A small-town bank in Oklahoma said the Federal Reserve won’t let it keep religious signs and symbols on display. Federal Reserve examiners come every four years to make sure banks are complying with a long list of regulations. The examiners came to Perkins last week. And the team from Kansas City deemed a Bible verse of the day, crosses on the teller’s counter and buttons that say “Merry Christmas, God With Us.” were inappropriate. The Bible verse of the day on the bank’s Internet site also had to be taken down. (...) >>>

Dec. 19, 2010

Enhanced "reality" or sheer stupidity? -

PJM: "Layers and Layers of Fact-Checkers and Editors", by Ed Driscoll

And yet somehow, this howler slipped into the Wall Street Journal:
“Some of these Christian minorities have coexisted with Islam in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East since the time of Jesus.”
As Mark Krikorian writes at The Corner:

Now, I’m not too good with dates, but I’m pretty sure there was no Islam at “the time of Jesus.” And that’s not the kind of slip that happens when you’re in a hurry, like writing “there” for “their” — that’s the kind of thing that happens when a completely uninformed person substitutes political correctness for reality. (...) >>>

Dec. 17, 2010

Juan Willams sacked for telling the truth -

FoxNews: "I Was Fired for Telling the Truth", by Juan Williams

Yesterday NPR fired me for telling the truth. The truth is that I worry when I am getting on an airplane and see people dressed in garb that identifies them first and foremost as Muslims.

This is not a bigoted statement. It is a statement of my feelings, my fears after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 by radical Muslims. In a debate with Bill O’Reilly I revealed my fears to set up the case for not making rash judgments about people of any faith. I pointed out that the Atlanta Olympic bomber -- as well as Timothy McVeigh and the people who protest against gay rights at military funerals -- are Christians but we journalists don’t identify them by their religion.

And I made it clear that all Americans have to be careful not to let fears lead to violation of anyone’s constitutional rights, be it to build a mosque, carry the Koran or drive a New York cab without fear having your throat slashed. Bill and I argued after I said he has to take care in the way he talks about the 9/11 attacks so as not to provoke bigotry. (...) >>>

Oct. 21, 2010

Hilly's Bermuda triangle of human rights -

TWT: "Obama administration indicts America - State Department reports on U.S. human right violations"

Move over Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria. The State Department has made it official: The United States violates human rights. In an unprecedented move, the Obama administration submitted a report to the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights detailing the progress and problems in dealing with human rights issues in this country. The document is a strange combination of left-wing history and White House talking points.

It describes how the United States discriminates against the disabled, homosexuals, women, Native Americans, blacks, Hispanics and those who don't speak English. There is the expected pandering to Muslims, noting that the government is committed to "challenge misperceptions and discriminatory stereotypes, to prevent acts of vandalism and to combat hate crimes," offenses that the American people evidently keep committing. And the current economic woes are blamed on the housing crisis, which itself was the result of "discriminatory lending practices." The implication is that if Americans had only been less racist, they would be enjoying prosperity today. (...) >>>

Aug 26, 2010

The Ground Zero of bigotry - The hypocrite double standard in action: Christianity is subjected to a false premise of the 'separation of Church and State', while the Ground Zero mega mosque gets all the green lights based on the 'freedom of religion' -

Big Peace: "Greek Americans to Port Authority: Rebuild Ground Zero Church"

(...) On behalf of the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA), the largest and oldest membership-based association of American citizens of Greek heritage, and countless Philhellenes, I am requesting the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to resume its part in the effort to rebuild St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, the only church destroyed in the attacks of September 11, 2001. I am also outreaching to you as a native New Yorker. (...) >>>

Aug 20, 2010

Nanny says, having best friends is discrimination -

This is a perfect example how Leftist intellectuals are pushing their agenda. The basic message here is: "if you are having a best friend, you are necessarily discriminating against everyone else - the great equalizers are doing their damnedest! It's infuriating! -

NYT: "A Best Friend? You Must Be Kidding", by Hilary Stout

(...) increasingly, some educators and other professionals who work with children are asking a question that might surprise their parents: Should a child really have a best friend? Most children naturally seek close friends. In a survey of nearly 3,000 Americans ages 8 to 24 conducted last year by Harris Interactive, 94 percent said they had at least one close friend.

But the classic best-friend bond — the two special pals who share secrets and exploits, who gravitate to each other on the playground and who head out the door together every day after school — signals potential trouble for school officials intent on discouraging anything that hints of exclusivity, in part because of concerns about cliques and bullying. (...) >>>

Jun 21, 2010

Staggering postmodern sanctimony -

Cover of serial, "Martin Chuzzlewitt"...Image via Wikipedia
PJM: "Our Contemporary Sanctimony Puts the Victorians to Shame", by Theodore Dalrymple

Quite often these days I receive emails asking me to consider the environment before I print them. They are quite right of course: my study is already horribly littered even without print-outs of more emails. But this, I suspect, is not at all what they mean: they mean the Environment with a capital E, in the Mother Earth, Gaia, or Pachamama sense of the word, a sense that always makes me feel slightly queasy, as Wagnerian opera does. (...) There is a wonderful passage in Martin Chuzzlewit in which Pecksniff introduces his two daughters to a third party. “Charity and Mercy,” he says. “Not unholy names, I think?” If he were living today, now that we have made so much progress, he would say: “Equality and Diversity. Not unholy names, I think?” (...) >>>

Mar 20, 2010

The ultimate group identity victim has been spotted -

It used to be a pastime once to try find the person who held the ultimate group victimhood identity into one body. You know - lesbian, black girl of Jewish faith, etc. Well, the ultimate victim has been found and it's a living entity - no fantasy required. In the search results someone even added 'obese' to the adjectives. Watch on LiveLeaks how far it's come.

Seattle Weekly: "Gay, Mentally Challenged Bi-Racial Male Cheerleader Claims Discrimination"

Even in 2010, growing up gay isn't easy. Add in the complicating factors of being a mentally challenged, biracial guy who wants to wave around pom-poms in a small town, and you have a recipe for the most hellacious high school experience in Eastern Washington.

Benjamin Grundy is a student at Garfield-Palouse High School (local population: 1,100) who says the school is discriminating against his wishes to do what all the other cheerleaders are doing. Namely, dance, wave pom-poms, wear a proper uniform and not just stand like there like a statue moving his arms. (...) >>>

Feb. 12, 2010

A Must Read call to action

PJM: "Make Harry Reid and the Liberals Pay", by Melissa Clouthier

(...) Being labeled racist bothers me less than restricting my speech. And by virtue of being conservative, I am already labeled racist. What makes me inherently racist is my conservatism. It’s axiomatic. So screw it. The label has lost it’s sting. (...) Since it’s pretty well established that conservatives will be judged racist no matter what, the question is whether or not to hold Reid and his elite coterie on the left to the same standards. Well, the standards are wrong and stupid and self-serving. It’s the self-serving part I want to demolish. So I say, go after Harry Reid with a vengeance — and every other moronic liberal who spews vile anti-Semitism and misogynist, sexist, or racist rhetoric. Even if it’s mildly offensive language, hang them with their own standards and words. Delegitimize their power. Delegitimize the power of political correctness. (...) >>>

Jan, 13, 2010

Overheard on Dutch radio: "Some colleges have not put up Christmas trees this year, respecting the feelings of students of other religions. Don't they realize the Christmas tree is a pagan symbol?"

In other words that would have made it acceptable. Whatever excuse they may make up (separation of Church and State is another ridiculous pretext), it is the dialectic: the war on Christianity and Western culture.

Dec. 9, 2009

Faultline USA: "The War on Christmas and Christianity Continues in 2009!", by J.D. Longstreet

OK, let me make it as clear as I am able right up front! I am not interested in “multiculturalism” and I am even less interested in “inclusivity.” I am an Isolationist at heart, but a realist… out of practicality. Having cleared the air, I can get on with these few comments.

It is time for America to celebrate Christmas. For those of the Christian community it is a grand time of celebrating the birth of the Savior, Jesus Christ, from whose name the word Christmas, or “Christ Mass,” is derived. I am of this community. (...) In the year 2009 one would have to be a disconnected, isolated, idiot to believe that Christmas is not under attack in the western world, especially in the United States. (...)

Men and women of the Christian faith, in the modern world, may again be relegated to “the catacombs” to practice their Christian faith. But just as their ancient counterparts, they WILL keep the faith. In the face of all odds they will not falter and they will not fail. And so, from my own little scriptorium, as I write in the wee hours of the morning, please allow me to be among the first to wish you, and your family, a MERRY CHRISTMAS! >>>

Dec. 5, 2009

The prehistory:

PJTV/Afterburner: "MSNBC & The Great Liberal Narrative: The Truth About The Tyranny of Political Correctness" (video)

Aug. 28, 2009

PJM: "The Obama-Wanda Sykes Chilling Laugh Fest", by Leon de Winter

(...) The program featured stand-up comedians discussing the news, together with the well-known guest. And because Ayaan was an ongoing topic in Holland, they started talking about her. One of the comedians remarked: “Ayaan, she doesn’t have a clitoris, does she?” The audience laughed. And Wouter Bos, the leader of one of the established political parties and one of the pillars of modern Dutch society, laughed along with the crowd. Ayaan couldn’t breathe. Shocked, we stared at the screen. Was it possible we hadn’t heard it correctly? How was it possible that a human being, who had been tortured as a child by being forced to undergo genital mutilation, could become an object of laughter and derision by adult men on national television?

(...) Wanda Sykes’ recent performance reminded me of this impressive example of Dutch tolerance. (...) Last Saturday, at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, she wished an American citizen to die because this citizen disagrees with the politics of the American president. (...) Wanda Sykes isn’t of any interest to me. The fact that the American president was five feet away from her and had to laugh about her joke was of interest. A comedian wishes a citizen dead and the president laughs? The president didn’t have the guts to leave, to correct Ms. Sykes, or to express his opposition. (...) Afterwards, the president and his wife congratulated Sykes for her jokes. (...) >>>

Let's have some fun for a change. Priceless, incisive Oleg blogs at "The People's Cube".

PJM: "Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down Half This Wall" by Oleg Atbashian

As all principled Democrats are pounding their uncompromising collective fist on the GOP’s big tent, demanding that conservatives compromise their principles, and even Colin Powell has joined their unanimous opinion about the glaring lack of diverse opinions among Republicans, conservatives are clearly left with no other choice than to move their big tent down from the moral high ground to where the progressive majority is, so it can be better monitored by the media and have easy access for morally disabled persons with diverse opinions.

Everyone knows that this country was built by great moderates who made history by compromising their ideals and principles. So let us take a moment and look back at great compromises throughout history. This is now the correct narrative. Please update your past. (...) >>>

May 13, 2009

After some deliberation this is perhaps the right dossier for this news item: 'padding' is the right word for it - all in the interest of "community harmony" of course. Wilders' name appears to missing because member state nationals are excluded from the 'index':

Yahoo!News: "UK bars 22 alleged extremists, including show host"

Britain on Tuesday published its first list of people barred from entering the country for allegedly fostering extremism or hatred, including Muslim extremists, a right-wing American radio host, an Israeli settler and jailed Russian gang members. The U.K.'s law and order chief, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, said she decided to publish the names of 16 of 22 people who have been banned by the government since October so others could better understand what sort of behavior Britain was not prepared to tolerate. (...) many of the names were "just here for padding." (...) >>>

May 6, 2009

Perhaps this needs spelling out for those not versed in pomo code: loyal Ghurkas who spilled blood for the nation are denied residence rights by the bankrupt Labour Govt, while swathes of the country are being transformed into Londonistans. But then Ghurkas wear uniforms and are thus "little Nazis", whereas ...

The Northern Echo: "Our debt of honour"

IN this column yesterday, we noted the further erosion of Gordon Brown’s authority as he was forced to backtrack over proposed changes to MPs’ expenses. That authority has now been further undermined by yesterday’s historic defeat in the Commons over Government restrictions on the right of former Gurkhas to settle in this country. We should not underestimate the significance of yesterday’s vote, which saw the Government defeated by 267 to 246 in favour of a Lib Dem motion, backed by the Conservatives, that all Ghurkas be offered equal rights of residence. It is the biggest Commons victory by the Liberal Democrats since their formation 20 years ago and the first time a government has lost an opposition day debate since 1978. But what is most important is the recognition by Parliament that it had to do the decent thing. (...) >>>

May 1, 2009

Update May 22: De Pers: Bond Girl (63), meaning actrice Joanna Lumley, wins tireless bid for Ghurkas' right to live in Britain - The injustice of spilling blood for a country which denies you citizenship ... here's the vid; The shamelessness of the Brown Government!

PJM: "Textbook Lies About Islam", by Raymond Ibrahim

In recent House hearings dedicated to examining Islamic extremism, I stressed that the fundamental stumbling block to effective policy-making is educational and epistemological. What people are taught about Islam needs a serious overhaul before we can expect to formulate strategies that make sense.

Worth heeding is former top Pentagon official William Gawthrop’s 2006 lament that “the senior service colleges of the Department of Defense had not incorporated into their curriculum a systematic study of Muhammad as a military or political leader. As a consequence, we still do not have an in-depth understanding of the war-fighting doctrine laid down by Muhammad, how it might be applied today by an increasing number of Islamic groups, or how it might be countered.”

Three years later, the situation appears worse. After the War College published something of an apologia for the terrorist organization Hamas, defense analyst Mark Perry concluded, “It’s worse than you think. They have curtailed the curriculum so that their students are not exposed to radical Islam. Akin to denying students access to Marx during the Cold War.”
Why, at a time of war, are students at top U.S. military schools denied an objective treatment of Islam’s war doctrines? A report by the American Textbook Council sheds light by showing how these academic failures have much deeper roots. (...) >>>

Apr 5, 2009

Whereas PC'ness originally was a petty tactic to make actions, not in conformance with Leftist ideology somehow socially beyond the pale, the tactic is now slowly moving a step further, making it morally unacceptable. Next step: outlawing the opposition altogether (yes, mark my words - but by that time it will be too late) ...

Vlad Tepes: "March for sharia in Englandistan"

What can possibly be the motive for the various levels of government in the UK to so selectively enforce laws that can account for the article below? Can it merely be fear? Have the British become so complacent and timid that they fear any violence at all and move straight to surrender? (...) Often on Vlad we have posted articles showing the dhimmitude of the British but each week something occurs that eclipses the previous events. Last weeks arrest and banning of Geert Wilders at Heathrow airport and now permission to stage a march demanding sharia law in place of British common law (...) The UK also agreed to banish a traditional English parade as ‘racist’. Selective enforcement at its most pernicious. Why no revolt by the public? (...) >>>

Mar 1, 2009

... yess, the cultural suicide brigades are out in force again - there's even a Facebook group in protest of retailers dancing to the self-loathing onslaught (Merry Tossmass) -

... meanwhile I can't decide if this is the place to talk of the virulent assaults of those dogmatic, sour, humorless atheists, but the item in question is too good an opportunity to pass up to vent a note I recently jotted down on the subject - here's the thing:

they know very well that Christianity is perfectly harmless, which is the reason they dare reel against it; yet they fear the Muslim fury; in their relativist moral equivalence stance that both faiths are equally rejectionable, they are afraid to grant Christianity anything they must also allow Islam, if at least they are to avoid charges of discrimination, so they target Christianity. They themselves- of course - occupy the neutral zone in all of this--not believing in God, rather than following the belief that there is no God ...
The Pew Forum: "Atheists take aim at Christmas"

It's beginning to look a lot like -- a war over Christmas. Alongside a Nativity scene at the Legislative Building in Olympia, Washington, a sign put up by an atheist organization celebrates the winter solstice. But it's the rest of the sign that has some residents and Christian organizations calling atheists Scrooges for attacking the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth. (...) >>>
Dec 6, 2008

... political correctness isn't petty, it's evil - it causes self-loathing and self-censorship, which is why pomos wield this social tool - tell them in the rudest possible terms to stick it where the sun don't shine! do not show them any repect: they don't have any either - fight it like the poison that it is ...

Vodpod: "Political Correctness isn't Petty, it's Evil"

26th Nov 2008

PJs: "BBC’s Terrorists in Need"
Those familiar with the BBC’s bias towards and promotion of the Islamic faith and its regular apologias on behalf of Islamic extremism will have barely raised an eyebrow at the news that £20,000 from one of the corporation’s charity appeals ended up in the hands of the Muslim terrorists who murdered 52 people in London in 2005 (...) the scandal was uncovered by the BBC’s own Newsnight program (...) (You can watch the Newsnight report here.) However, this isn’t the first time (...) Last year it emerged (...)

(...) the mindset dictates that any religion which challenges the Judeo-Christian hegemony so despised by the Left must necessarily be a good thing — particularly if the majority of its adherents happen to have dark skin — and so under no circumstances must anything be broadcast that might possibly offend Muslims. (Don’t take it from me — take it from the leading BBC figures who admitted as much during an “impartiality summit.”)
It follows that when violence is done in the name of Islam, the only possible explanations are that the religion has been “hijacked” or that those who perpetrated the violence must have suffered some unbearable provocation. Thus, a person who blows innocent civilians to pieces on a Tube train can be seen as effecting an extreme but understandable response to some wicked act of Western imperialism (...)

As concern over Islamic extremism has grown in recent years, the BBC’s efforts to downplay the problem have intensified. And so we get endless stories about the “challenges” facing British Muslims trying to integrate into society and light-hearted reports about burqa fashion shows and other “quirky” aspects of Islamic life. Meanwhile, the BBC has effectively banned the use of the word “terrorist” (...) while just this weekend BBC reporter Lyse Doucet told a broadcasting conference that the Western media was failing to convey the “humanity” of the Taliban to viewers. (...) in possibly the most egregious example of factual inversion to date, a recent BBC drama featured a Muslim being beheaded by an extremist Christian. (...) the institutional conceitedness that pervades the BBC makes it unlikely that lessons will be learned from its entanglements with jihadists. (...) >>>

Updated: 28th Aug. 2008

... someone give Jean Charest a medal ... he's a hero!

BBC: "Quebec Rejects Removed Crucifix"

The government of the Canadian province of Quebec has rejected a proposal to remove a crucifix from above the speaker's chair in the parliament. Quebec Premier Jean Charest said the crucifix was related to 350 years of history that could not be erased. The proposal was made in a report into how Quebec's French-Canadian - and traditionally Roman Catholic - population can accommodate minorities. The report was commissioned to address a perceived identity crisis in Quebec. (...)

Premier Charest launched the commission after a number of controversies involving immigrants and minority groups. A YMCA in central Montreal - Quebec's largest city - was criticised for frosting windows so that Jewish students at a seminary across the street would not be able to see scantily-clad exercisers.

Most notably, the small town of Herouxville banned the stoning of women and the wearing of facial coverings despite having few minorities among its 1,300 residents. (...) >>>

Dated: 23rd May 2008

Politeia: "Review: "In Praise of Prejudice", by Theodore Dalrymple

Mar 15, 2008

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