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Smoke and Mirrors: fascism=Fabian socialism

Forbes: "Obama, Hitler, And Exploding The Biggest Lie In History", by Bill Flax

Numerous commentators have raised alarming comparisons between America’s recent economic foibles and Argentina’s fall “from breadbasket to basket case.” The U.S. pursues a similar path with her economy increasingly ensnared under the growing nexus of government control. Resources are redistributed for vote-buying welfare schemes, patronage style earmarks, and graft by unelected bureaucrats, quid pro quo with unions, issue groups and legions of lobbyists.

In Argentina, everyone acknowledges that fascism, state capitalism, corporatism – whatever – reflects very leftwing ideology. Eva Peron remains a liberal icon. President Obama’s Fabian policies (Keynesian economics) promise similar ends. His proposed infrastructure bank is just the latest gyration of corporatism. Why then are fascists consistently portrayed as conservatives?

In the Thirties, intellectuals smitten by progressivism considered limited, constitutional governance anachronistic. The Great Depression had apparently proven capitalism defunct. The remaining choice had narrowed between communism and fascism. Hitler was about an inch to the right of Stalin. Western intellectuals infatuated with Marxism thus associated fascism with the Right. (...) >>>

Sept. 4, 2011

Constructing the Christian version of the Protocols -

'Facts' with plenty of reliance on anonymous 'experts', specifically constructed to smear Palin and Perry -

HufPo: "5 Facts About Dominionism"

In recent weeks, an arcane and scary-sounding religious term has crept into the lexicon of the 2012 campaign, tripping from the tongue of everyone from MSNBC broadcaster Rachel Maddow to conservative Christian leader Ralph Reed. Depending on whom you ask, "Dominionism" either signifies a Christian plot for world domination, or the latest liberal bugaboo. Here are five facts about Dominionism to help you decide for yourself (...) >>>

Sept. 2, 2011

Treason in Texas -

This video highlights what Alex calls a 'citizen's filibuster'; an attempt to force another special session in the Texas legislature to keep the TSA anti-groping bill on the table while rejecting the newer bill which compromises guaranteed fourth amendment protections -

pOmoLanD: "Epical Alex Jones Anti Police-State/TSA Rant @ Texas Capitol"

June 29, 2011

Making dictators respectable -

PJM Exclusive: "Two U.S. Lobbyists Paid $5.4M By Libya To Boost Regime’s Image", by Richard Pollock

Five years ago, the Libyan government decided to obtain lobbying heft in Washington, D.C. They went to two organizations — the Livingston Group and the Monitor Group — whom they paid $5.4 million for lobbying services.

The story of the selling of Libya to the United States is a fascinating tale of how liberal academics and former members of Congress united to attempt a repackaging of Libya’s Gaddafi family as human rights reformers. PJM has pieced together the story of how the dictatorial regime was shamelessly presented as reformers to Congress and to Washington policymakers.

Gaddafi’s government — officially named the “Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya” — first hired the Livingston Group, founded by former House Speaker Rep. Robert Livingston. For $2.4 million a year, Livingston, a Republican, represented both Gaddafi and his second son Saif Al Islam Al Gaddafi. Tripoli then secured the services of the Monitor Group, a Cambridge, Massachusetts, image consulting firm founded by a group from the Harvard Business School. They tried to groom Saif as a “thought leader” in Europe and in the United States, and reportedly received $3 million for the attempted makeover. (...) >>>

Mar 11, 2011

An army of sock puppets -

Computerworld: "Army of fake social media friends to promote propaganda"

It's recently been revealed that the U.S. government contracted HBGary Federal for the development of software which could create multiple fake social media profiles to manipulate and sway public opinion on controversial issues by promoting propaganda. It could also be used as surveillance to find public opinions with points of view the powers-that-be didn't like. It could then potentially have their "fake" people run smear campaigns against those "real" people. As disturbing as this is, it's not really new for U.S. intelligence or private intelligence firms to do the dirty work behind closed doors.

EFF previously warned that Big Brother wants to be your friend for social media surveillance. While the FBI Intelligence Information Report Handbook (PDF) mentioned using "covert accounts" to access protected information, other government agencies endorsed using security exploits to access protected information. (...) >>>

Feb. 4, 2011

The SoroS agenda to free drugs -

TopNews: "Soros goes up war for dope down below"

Billionaire British agent George Soros is aiming Aussie kids in his conflict for drugs, installing legalization point-man Ethan Nadelmann to Australia to promote his strategy. This is done so as to make changes in Australian drug laws a model for legalizing dope in the U.S. (...) >>>

Dec. 25, 2010

Anarchist cyber hooligans, one arrested -

The Wiki storm troopers now hacking banks and credit cards, shutting down a Swedish govt web site, and hacking the bank accounts of the Palin family ... this is how we know our boys. Meanwhile a 16 year old is arrested in the Netherlands -

CNN: Pro-WikiLeaks hackers change target to PayPal"

Computer hackers supporting WikiLeaks shifted targets Thursday from Amazon to PayPal, they said, as Dutch authorities announced an arrest in connection with hacker attacks on the websites of MasterCard and Visa. The Dutch High Tech Crimes unit arrested a 16-year-old in The Hague, Netherlands, with prosecutors saying he confessed to attacks on the websites. "He is probably part of a larger group of hackers, who are under continued investigation," they said.

The teen is due in court Friday in Rotterdam. Separately, a group of hackers calling themselves Anonymous Operations said they would attack PayPal, not, about an hour after an attack on Amazon was due to start. "We can not attack Amazon, currently. The previous schedule was to do so, but we don't have enough forces," they said on Twitter. Anonymous Operations released a do-it-yourself hacking tool earlier Thursday so supporters could make their own computers part of the attack. (...) >>>

Dec. 9, 2010

What is moving Julian Assange? -

Big Journalism: "Julian Assange’s Information Coup: The Long Tail of Regime Change", by John Sexton

Turns out there’s a fairly clear answer to the question Why is Julian Assange doing this? Anyway, it’s as clear as the topic of human motivations ever really get. Back in 2006, Assange wrote a couple of essays on the topic of conspiracy and control. He takes the position that all authoritarian structures are conspiracies of power. His thoughts are interesting. Their may even be some truth to some of what he says. In any case, if you want to understand his motivation, grasp what he’s saying here (...)

This is the intellectual foundation of his thoughts on leaks. If you break the links between conspirators, you decrease their control. (...) Assange is equating the modern state with a vast authoritarian conspiracy. What he wants is regime change, an information coup. One guess who the enemy is in Assange’s mind: (...) “the Fox News effect”. Before you conclude that Assange is just another moonbat, consider that some of what he says is undeniably true. For instance (...)
Consider what would happen if one of these parties gave up their mobile phones, fax and email correspondence — let alone the computer systems which manage their subscribes, donors, budgets, polling, call centres and direct mail campaigns?They would immediately fall into an organizational stupor and lose to the other. (...)
What Assange is doing is applying that same principle to governments en toto. He is attempting to break down the power of entire nations, starting with the US, by exposing what they really think behind closed doors. (...) I see a fundamental problem with his theory. The truly authoritarian regimes–Russia came off as a mafia state in the latest wikileaks – are beyond caring what the people think. (...)

What Assange is doing is applying that same principle to governments en toto. He is attempting to break down the power of entire nations, starting with the US, by exposing what they really think behind closed doors. And in fact, some of his leaks may have already hurt us internationally. They certainly show us having a lot less respect for our allies than might be expected. It remains to be seen whether Secretary Clinton’s apology tour can undo the damage.

Putting aside, for a moment, the question of whether Assange has broken the law or merely acted as a journalist, I see a fundamental problem with his theory. The truly authoritarian regimes–Russia came off as a mafia state in the latest wikileaks – are beyond caring what the people think. >>>

News has broken that Julian Assange was refused bail in court and is remanded in UK custody until Dec. 14, when he has his next court appearance. Early this morning he walked into a London police precinct.

In the US meanwhile investigators are trying to figure out how PFC Manning got his hands on both secret State Dept. and DoD documents. Jonathon M. Seidl on The Blaze blog may be on to something -


We’ve covered a lot of ground today regarding Wikileaks. I’ve brought you more from X and introduced you to Y, and in the end we asked some important questions, mainly, how is it possible for PFC Bradley Manning to have downloaded and leaked State Department cables? According to two sources who have written to me (X and Y), it isn’t.  (...)

Could both pieces of information explain how the “impossible” was possible? Maybe. The access to another joint database might explain how Manning, an Army analyst, got access to State Department cables. And the “different rules” in Baghdad might explain the lapse in security that allowed Manning to smuggle out that data. I’ve presented the information to X and Y and am eagerly awaiting their thoughts. (...) >>>

Dec. 7, 2010

Cablegate and conspiracy theory - Alex Jones in a tin foil hat, ranting about the Swedish rape allegations and the CIA connection -

PJM: "WikiLeaks and U.S. Computer Security: The ‘Second Spy’ Theory", by Charlie Martin

Either U.S. intelligence is massively incompetent, or PFC Manning had help — an insider with high-level access. (...) What should really disturb us is the implications — not for our diplomacy, but for the competence and effectiveness of our own counter-espionage. There are really two possibilities: we’ve either, in the name of “sharing,” completely forgotten all the lessons that have been learned, at great cost, over the “War Century”; or there is someone else, with much broader access that Pfc. Manning, who was really behind this leak. And either conclusion should scare us silly. >>>

Dec. 6, 2010

Wikileaks, Humint and Hillary's spooks -

TWT: "Hillary Clinton's State Department Spooks"

As unaccustomed as I am to write this, commentators need to give Hillary Clinton a break. The secretary of state is under fire for ordering American diplomats to engage in detailed information collection against foreigners with whom they come into contact during the course of their duties. Among the documents released by WikiLeaks is the 8,300-word National Humint Collection Directive and similar orders that direct State Department employees to ferret out things like telephone numbers and directories ("in compact disc or electronic format if available"); e-mail addresses, Internet nicknames, personal websites, credit card and frequent-flier account numbers; health, biographic and even biometric information such a fingerprints, iris and facial-recognition factors; and signatures. In short, the government wanted to know anything that would be relevant to relations with the leaders of foreign countries, which, in practice, could be anything at all. (...) >>>

Dec. 3, 2010

Obama, Astroturfer-in-Chief -

Big Journalism: "DNC, Obama Now Astroturfing Talk Radio"

The shameless media manipulators at the DNC have a new campaign designed to promote Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court. As with previous campaigns, the “Kagan for Justice Action Center” is run via a special website set up by Organizing for America. It encourages people to write letters to the editors of newspapers nationwide (And we can presume that, as before, local newspapers will publish DNC talking points without realizing it). What’s new is that the DNC is now branching out to Astroturf talk radio as well. Here’s how the page looks on their website (...) >>>

Jun 6, 2010

Stiglo danas...Image by .nele via Flickr
Glenn Beck is asking: Is it abuse of power yet?"

RedState: "Is the Obama Administration Behind An Astroturf Anti-Tea Party Website?"

Writing on January 15, 2010, Glenn Greenwald at Salon noted Barack Obama’s new head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Cass Sunstein, had championed creating fake websites and using outside 501(c)(3) interest groups to act as alleged independent champions of government policy and to “cognitively infiltrate” opposition websites, etc.

In other words, Cass Sunstein has favored the government using outside parties as government propaganda agents to paint their opposition as fringe and undermine their credibility. Kind of like what has been happening with the tea party movement – lots of SEIU members pretending to be tea party activists causing violence in front of TV cameras.
Sunstein advocates that the Government’s stealth infiltration should be accomplished by sending covert agents into “chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups.” He also proposes that the Government make secret payments to so-called “independent” credible voices to bolster the Government’s messaging
Considering Sustein’s recommendations, it is not far removed to speculate the Obama administration is behind a new anti-tea party website called The Other 95 (! implying the opposition is making up just 5%), which defends the government from tea party criticisms and attacks the tea party movement as fringe.(...) >>>

Apr 20, 2010

Just a click away - This is absolutely nothing to a nudger -

Aug. 2, 2009

The man who gave us The Nudge and the Obama NLP/voodoo/hypnosis 2.0 campaign strikes again with a load of subjectivist bovine menure. It wasn't the idea, but the article provides an insight into the man's "mind": people are unable to think for themselves, lack free will, objective truth does not exist or is unattainable, I am okay and so is mass manipulation. If you put a bunch of subjectivists together in a collective, what you get is subjective, collective opinion ... the logic we are dealing with these days.

The Spectator: "To Become An Extremist, Hang Around With People You Agree With"

Cass Sunstein — co-author of the hugely influential Nudge and an adviser to President Obama — unveils his new theory of ‘group polarisation’, and explains why, when like-minded people spend time with each other, their views become not only more confident but more extreme (...) >>>

July 3, 2009

Reason Online: "Obama Pulls an Agency Out of His ... Hat - Rhetorical sleight of hand on the new Consumer Financial Protection Agency", by Katherine Mangu-Ward

(...) Human beings are excellent at editing our own memories to conform with a suggested narrative. The magician's "reminders" that he has not touched the deck erase from our minds the fact that he had ample opportunity to examine and position the relevant cards before the trick even got rolling. Part of the fun of the magic trick is when the magician asks his duped audience to recount the chain of events: No matter how carefully they retrace their steps, they omit the incident where he touched the deck simply because they know for sure he never touched the deck. It's called "provoked confabulation," and this particular gambit is on display, sans Bicycle deck, in the current debate over the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency and the rest of President Barack Obama's proposed financial regulatory reforms. In this case, it's about casting adversaries of a massive new regulatory body in a bad light. Check out Obama's rhetorical sleight of hand (sleight of mouth?) on Saturday. (...) >>>

June 27, 2009

... there are three ways for mass control: beneficial self-control also known as civility (prefered by conservatives), then there's soft but imposed control of the political correctness and 'nudge' varieties (as favored by liberals), and then there's the malignant coercion of barbed wire and guns (the choice of collectivists) ...

PJM/Belmont Club: "Bad manners"

(...) One reason is that they are engaged in a very public display of their bad manners and bad manners are contagious. Manners play an important part in civic life. Why do we stand in line at a buffet and not rush to the front if we can get away with it? Why do we observe rope barriers when it would be easy to duck under it or jump over them? Because it isn’t the done thing. (...) JJ McNab observed that most things happen through voluntary compliance. (...) In a world with absolutely no manners stanchions, ropes, signs, tapes, would have to be replaced by barbed wire, concrete walls, minefields and other truly impermeable barriers. Until Franklin Roosevelt there was no actual prohibition against a President seeking more than two terms. (...) >>>

Nov 23. 2008

... introducing the latest psyops tool for the left ...

Politeia: "Of Cameronism, Pragmatism and the Nudge"

Ever since Rousseau's posited that the State's Common Will is in perpetual tension with individual Free Will, a state of affairs justifying compulsion, the Left has sought ways and methods to make citizens conform to its collectivist ideas. (...) In full accordance with the collectivist tradition it is introduced to us by its Orwellian name, aimed at perceiving it in all its cuddly harmlessness: the 'Nudge,' the Real Third Way, we are promised. (...) The Nudgers qualify their nanny invention as "the taking of actions in which no coercion is involved with the goal of influencing the choices of affected parties in a way that will make those parties better off." (...) In the neotot book, any method that doesn't involve dungeons and gulags is considered non-coercive. (...) >>>

Updated: 24th July 2008
Now and again a glimpse of the media involvement in directing events is shining
through the veil of smoke 'n mirrors:

EURSOC: "BBC Censors Christian Party"

UK party The Christian Choice has filed papers at London's High Court in response to broadcasters the BBC and ITV instructing London Mayoral Candidate Alan Craig to censor his Party Election Broadcasts aired last Wednesday (23rd April). On Craig's website, he says that the broadcasters demanded that he not criticise radical Islamist group, Tablighi Jamaat, over their plans to build Europe's biggest mosque next to the 2012 Olympics site in West Ham.

The BBC ordered him to change his description of the Tabliqi Jamaat from "separatist" to “controversial” - ITV went one step further, demanding that plans to build the £75 million "mega mosque" be described as "controversial", rather than the Islamic missionary organisation itself. Mr Craig argues (...) >>>

Updated: 2nd May 2008

Politeia: "Europe's Speechless, Frantic Surrender"

(...) This has been carefully left out of the official EU reports (...) hoping that they would participate in this brainwashing of the public. (...) the journalists got the message, and disturbingly enough didn't seem to protest.This is the hallmark of a totalitarian state(...)

Perhaps the most shameful aspect of the history of Eurabia is how the supposedly critical media has allowed itself to be corrupted or deceived by the Eurabians. (...)

By the end of 2006, the network of media practitioners involved in the Euro-Arab Dialogue had grown to over 500 (pdf). These included people, media and organizations from all 37 countries of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership. European and Arab journalists produced dozens of recommendations on how to enhance their cooperation and promote "mutual understanding" between their cultures and religions in the media.Benita Ferrero-Waldner, European Commissioner for External Relations and European Neighbourhood Policy (read: Eurabian affairs), addressed the assembly of journalists. According to her (...) >>>

Updated: 19th Jan. 2008

Toronto News and Views: "Mass Media: Smoke & Mirrors"

We are the most conditioned, programmed beings the world has ever known. Not only are our thoughts and attitudes continually being shaped and molded; our very awareness of the whole design seems like it is being subtly and inexorably erased. The doors of our perception are carefully and precisely regulated. ... The final goal of media is to create a following of docile, unquestioning consumers. To that end, three primary tools have historically been employed: deceit - dissimulation - distraction >>>

nourishing obscurity: "[eu to tighten internet] in the interests of safety, of course"

The European Commission is proposing anti-terrorism measures that include the collection of extensive flight data and tighter internet laws. This is the Chinese method of the packaging of concepts – for example, grouping laziness, loose morals and loose tongues in one easy to remember catch-cry. Why the internet? >>>
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