Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dhimmi Pride: Blair babe 'Jackboot' calls it quits

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ITN: "Smith 'to quit' Cabinet post"

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is to resign her Government post in wake of the MPs' expenses scandal, according to reports. Sources close to Ms Smith revealed that she told Prime Minister Gordon Brown two months ago that she wanted to step down as Home Secretary in the next reshuffle. The source said she had been "hurt" by revelations about her expenses claims and spoke to Mr Brown. (...) >>>

June 2, 2009

British Home Sec. and former "Blair babe" Jacqui Smith explains UK's application for dhimmi status in Pakistan to German leftist magazine "Der Spiegel"!

Der Spiegel: "No Day This Year without a Terror Trial"

In an interview with SPIEGEL, British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith discusses her country's experience in taking in former inmates from the Guantanamo prison camp and how her country is seeking to reach out to young Muslims before they radicalize. (...) How would you evaluate the general situation?

Smith: Severe. We believe that an attack is highly likely and could happen at any time and without warning. On the other hand we see some success. In 2008, we had 50 people convicted in terror-related trials and this year there will not be a single day in the United Kingdom without a terrorist trial on the timetable.

SPIEGEL: British government members stopped using the terms "war on terror" or "Islamic terrorists."You tend to speak of "anti-Islamic activists." Why?

Smith: Part of the reason why people turn to extremism is the appeal that is made to them by those who are promoting an ideology that seeks to create hatred. It is an approach that uses a certain language and certain messages. For example, they claim that there is an incompatibility between the British or the Germans and European Muslims, that it is impossible to be a Muslim within a democratic system. Part of the way to respond to that is in the way of communication. We work hard to get the message out that this is plainly wrong and that secondly we are talking about criminal acts that have nothing to do with the principles of Islam.

SPIEGEL: Do you really think that this will stop the radicalization of young Muslims?

Smith: I would not call it an image campaign (...) >>>

Feb 16, 2008

Express India: "Don't attack us please, UK ads to say on Pak TV"

The British government will air ads on Pakistani television urging terrorists to not attack Britain. Prominent British Muslims will star in the British Foreign Office-funded £400,000 (approximately Rs 2.9 crore)-campaign that is set to break on Pakistani television next Monday, ‘The Guardian’ reported on Tuesday. The three-month public relations offensive, called ‘I Am the West’, will also include high-profile events in regions such as Peshawar and Mirpur, ‘The Guardian’ said. Seven in ten British Pakistanis are Mirpuris. (...)

The central theme of the campaign, ‘The Guardian’ said, "is to assert that there is no contradiction in being a Muslim and being British." It has four key aims, the daily reported: ‘to ensure Pakistanis realise the west is not anti-Islamic, that British society is not anti-Islam, to demonstrate the extent to which Muslims are integrated into British society and to stimulate and facilitate constructive debate on the compatibility of liberal and Muslim values’. >>>

Feb 13, 2009