Monday, September 14, 2009

The Propaganda Hirabah: the return of the toad

If the strategy is to split the protective shield of Israel the toad can save himself the effort. Obama is already taking care of that. Seems the toad has been under his cobble too long, for he's missed that policy twist.

CNN: "'Bin Laden' tape: Obama can't stop war"

An audio message purportedly from al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has accused President Barack Obama of being unable to fulfil his election pledge to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq. The tape emerged on radical Islamist Web sites, just two days after the United States marked the eighth anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terror attacks.

"To the American people, this is my message to you: a reminder of the reasons behind 9/11 and the wars and the repercussions that followed and the way to resolve it," the message said. "From the beginning, we have stated many times ... that the cause of our disagreement with you is your support of your allies, the Israelis, who are occupying our land in Palestine. Your stance along with some other grievances are what led us to carry out the events of 9/11." (...)

Obama was "a vulnerable man who will not be able to stop the war, as he promised, but instead he will drag it to the maximum possible extent," the message said. Though U.S. troops no longer patrol Iraq (...) tens of thousands remain in the country (...)  The message claims that the Obama administration is under the influence of the Republican White House it replaced, pointing out that the president kept Robert Gates as defense secretary (...) "Prolong the wars as much as you like. By God, we will never compromise on it (Palestine), ever," the message continued. (...) >>>

... And in a funny twist it seems the toad's propaganda infrastructure got somewhat impaired over the last couple of years - he's now turned to 4th tier book recommendations ...

NYT/The Lede: "Bin Laden’s Reading List for Americans"

Sept. 14, 2009


Islam is unique in that it is the only religion with a propaganda arm. No other religion advocates for propaganda, deception and disinformation. It is a powerful weapon in their war on the enemy (non-Muslims).

The media is indispensable in this aspect of Islam's war on the West (education is too, of course). Sophisticated and well packaged, Islamic objectives are served well. The assault is global and national. And pretenses are being dropped. Al Jazeera (the English version) is now being live streamed to our intelligence and State departments. It is the worst kind of bias, but every employee can livestream it.

In the global landscape, the Alliance of Civilizations (arm of the OIC, the Organization of the Islamic Conference), is "connecting experts with journalists" through the UN. Get it?

UN-Sponsored Service Connects Journalists with Experts Around the World

The United Nations' Alliance of Civilizations recently revamped and relaunched the Global Expert Finder (GEF), a searchable database of commentators, analysts and academics who have expertise in many topics, including politics, law, education, women's rights, human rights, terrorism, globalization, religion, and art (...) >>>

July 3, 2009

... NYT has picked up what Dr Sam Holliday has been advocating for some time now, stop calling these people heroes! ... they are evil-doers in any language ...
New York Times: "What Do You Call a Terror(Jihad)ist?"

(...) If we want to say what we mean, what terms better describe Qaeda members and other violent extremists? “Muharib” or the more colloquial “hirabi” or “hirabist” would be good places to start. “Hirabah,” the base word, is a term for barbarism or piracy. Unlike “jihad,” which grants honor, “hirabah” brings condemnation; it involves unlawful violence and disorder. (...) >>>

Updated: 6th June 2008
... yesterday's AQ message has rapidly been followed up by a next, reports CNN. It all starts to sound a bit desperate, really ...
CNN:"Purported bin Laden message: Iraq is 'perfect base'"

The voice calls on "Muslims in neighboring countries" to "do their best in supporting their mujahedeen brothers in Iraq." "My speech to you is about the siege of Gaza and the way to liberate it," he said. "The Gaza siege is a direct result of Annapolis," (...) >>>

Updated: 21 Mar 2008
... as a matter of some note the question arises under which particular moon
rock the man is dwelling to have missed the issue of the upcoming Wilders vid "Fitna"... Update: The Jawa Report answers the query: "Case closed: Osama bin Laden is dead!"
Washington Post: "Bin Laden Threatens Europe Over Muhammad Cartoons", by Craig Whitlock

In a new audiotape released Wednesday, Osama bin Laden warned Europeans that they will face a "severe reckoning" for repeatedly publishing cartoons of the prophet Muhammad in newspapers and magazines. The five-minute speech was the second time in four months that bin Laden has delivered threats to European countries. "It paled when you went overboard in your unbelief . . . and went to the extent of publishing those insulting drawings," he said. "If there is no check on your freedom of words, then let your hearts be open to the freedom of our actions." (...) >>>
Informed sources tell us that Bin Laden's states that "What we are going to do you are not going to hear it but see it". Some assume that means a form of a chemical-biological attack.

CNN is reporting more of the statement, illustrative of the man playing his postmodern audience like a violin with rhetorical parlour tricks so popular in those circles: false equivalence and moral inversion:

"The speaker dismissed claims of free speech in his statement, citing European countries' laws against denying the existence of the Holocaust" and "He said Muslims have not responded by mocking Jesus, whom they consider a prophet as well."

Updated: 20th Mar 2008

Memri: "Islamist Forum Posts Instructions for Conducting 'Media Jihad'"

In a message posted March 2, 2008 on the Islamist forum Al-Ikhlas (hosted by in Malaysia), a member calling himself "abumuslim22" urged his fellow forum members to engage in "media jihad," and provided advice and safety tips. The following are excerpts from the posting (...) >>>

Updated: Mar 11, 2008

Front Page Magazine: "Internet Jihad", by Robert Spencer

(...) Both of these threats were delivered through the Internet. Paradoxical as it may be(...) >>>

Updated: 16th Dec. 2007

Accuracy in Media: "Future Jihad: How Bin Laden Outsmarts the US with al Qaeda Propaganda", by Walid Phares

What is interesting about the latest audio message of Usama Bin Laden, is its delayed argument. >>>

Updated: 30th Nov. 2007

The Jawa Report: "The War Against al Qaeda in Iraq's Media Wing"

It took several years, but the military seems to be finally "getting" the propaganda war. (...) >>>

Updated: 28th Nov. 2007

AKI: "Terrorism: Latest bin Laden message 'the most important in al-Qaeda's history'"

The latest audio message allegedly released by Osama bin Laden calling on the Iraqi insurgency >>>

Dated: 24th Oct. 2007

Politeia: "Effectively Communicating Jihad: a spade is a spade," by Dr Sam Holliday

... Our enemies have called their cause Jihad (holy war), and their assassins "mujahiddin" (holy warriors), or Servants of Allah, or “martyrs.” All of these have positive emotional and religious connotations ...This usage is both inaccurate and dangerous. The leaders of the Third Jihad have exploited this weakness. ... By accurately stating that we are fighting against evildoers—not holy warriors, we can remove some of the communication advantage that the leaders of the Third Jihad have enjoyed. We must reach out and hold our people, our enemies, and people around the world ... >>>

21st Oct 2008

National Interest Online: "Al-Qaeda's Media Strategies", by Marc Lynch

The centrality of the Arab mass media to Al-Qaeda's political strategy has long been evident. From (...) >>>

Dated: 1st March 2006