Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Book Review: "A Shattered Peace: "Versailles 1919 and the Price We Pay Today"

Enter Stage Right: "Never learning from the past", by Alan Caruba

The libraries of the world are filled with books devoted to history and new ones are published on any almost daily basis, but if their lessons are ignored, it condemns nations and the peoples of the world to horrors that increase with the evolving technology of death.

A book that should be mandatory reading for all the current and aspiring leaders of the world is David A. Andelman's A Shattered Peace: Versailles 1919 and the Price We Pay Today.

"If there was a single moment in the twentieth century when it might have been different, this was the moment." The gathering in Paris that followed the end of World War I and the defeat of Germany, the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires did not merely fail to insure peace; it set in motion the events leading to World War II, the conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, and the tinderbox that is today's Middle East. >>>

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Burma Update

The Lighthouse: "Support Burma"

We cannot let the violence go on. We need to act now to protect monks, activists and innocent civilians from further abuses and to support them in their struggle for freedom. The recent violence has shown the world the extent of Myanmar’s brutal crimes. Urge the United Nations to take urgent steps to get Myanmar’s junta to stop the crackdown.

Sign this petition and stand with the people of Burma.

(Updated: 3rd Nov. 2007) The Truth Shall Set You Free: "Weird News: Women's Panties Combat Totalitarianism"

Panties for Peace? Hardly! This is an aggressive attack from the "Panty Power Campaign": “You can post, deliver, or fling your panties at the closest Burmese Embassy from today. Send early, Send Often! This is your chance to use your Panty Power to take away the power from the SPDC and support the people of Burma.”Apparently Myanmar’s superstitious generals, especially Gen. Than Shwe, believe that contact with women’s underwear saps them of power. So "Panties for Peace Women" in several countries have begun sending their panties to Myanmar embassies ... >>>

(Updated: 1st Nov. 2007)
Yahoo News: "Defiant monks march again in Myanmar"

More than 100 Buddhist monks marched peacefully Wednesday in a northern Myanmar town noted for its defiance of the country's military rulers, the first large protest since the junta violently crushed a wave anti-government demonstrations.

The monks marched for nearly an hour in the town of Pakokku, chanting a Buddhist prayer that has come to be associated with the pro-democracy cause. They did not carry signs or shout slogans, but their action was clearly in defiance of the military government, as one monk spelled out in a radio interview.

"We are continuing our protest from last month as we have not yet achieved any of the demands we asked for," the monk told the Democratic Voice of Burma, a Norway-based short-wave radio station and Web site run by dissident journalists. >>>

(Updated: 31st Oct. 2007)
EUX: "Playlist with Myanmar videos now on EUX.TV"

A dedicated YouTube playlist with a collection of video material from the recent government attacks on monks in Myanmar now is available here on EUX.TV.

Several hundred videos about the turmoil in Myanmar have appeared on YouTube and other video platforms in recent days.

The list includes material shot by unknown people on the streets in Yangon and also a recording of a state propaganda broadcast in which Voice of America and the BBC are described as "liars".

It also shows horrible images of the point-blank shooting of Japanese photographer Kenji Nagai by a Myanmar soldier.

Most scenes from the Yangon streets have been made public worldwide via videos on the Internet. The dictatorship on Friday managed to cut off all Internet connections.

The playlist also includes a Google Earth animation with the residences of Myanmar's generals; videos from the oppulent wedding of dictator Than Shwe's daughter; and an two older interviews with opposition leader and Nobel Peace prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, who is said to have been moved back to prison last weekend. >>>

(Updated: 28th Oct.2007)