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Treachery at State: History in the Making!

NewsMax: "Bolton: State Department Leftists Have Defeated Bush", by Ken Timmerman

Resistance by partisan ”shadow warriors” at the Department of State has limited the president’s options and is bringing us dangerously close to a military showdown with Iran, former Bush administration official John Bolton (...) This is a classic case study why diplomacy is not cost-free. (...) European-led negotiations has allowed Iran to buy time and to perfect the technology it needs to make nuclear weapons (...)

The arms controllers are also trying to rewrite history on North Korea’s nuclear weapons program (...) all of the intelligence community agreed that North Korea had embarked on procurement for a uranium enrichment program (...) today, the arms controllers are trying to walk back that conclusion and “rewrite history” in order to cover-up North Korea’s lies and dissembling (...)

The consequences of allowing the shadow warriors run the government instead of Bush loyalists have been dramatic, since they have succeeded in “turning the President’s policy in effect in a 180-degree U-turn” in North Korea and other areas, Bolton said. (...)
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Updated: 25th Dec. 2007

Washington Post: "Misreading the Iran Report - Why Spying and Policymaking Don't Mix", by Henry A. Kissinger

(...) I am extremely concerned about the tendency of the intelligence community to turn itself into a kind of check on, instead of a part of, the executive branch. When intelligence personnel expect their work to become the subject of public debate, they are tempted into the roles of surrogate policymakers and advocates. Thus the deputy director for intelligence estimates explained the release of the NIE as follows: Publication was chosen because the estimate conflicted with public statements by top U.S. officials about Iran, and "we felt it was important to release this information to ensure that an accurate presentation is available." That may explain releasing the facts but not the sources and methods that have been flooding the media. The paradoxical result of the trend toward public advocacy is to draw intelligence personnel more deeply than ever into the public maelstrom.

The executive branch and the intelligence community have gone through a rough period. The White House has been accused of politicizing intelligence; the intelligence community has been charged with promoting institutional policy biases. The Key Judgments document accelerates that controversy, dismaying friends and confusing adversaries.

Intelligence personnel need to return to their traditional anonymity. Policymakers and Congress should once again assume responsibility for their judgments without involving intelligence in their public justifications. To define the proper balance between the user and producer of intelligence is a task that cannot be accomplished at the end of an administration. It is, however, one of the most urgent challenges a newly elected president will face. >>>

Updated: 13th Dec. 2007

Front Page Magazine: "Shadow Warriors", by Jamie Glazov
... Q&A discussing Kenneth Timmerman's new book "Shadow Warriors" ...
In the beginning were the leaks. I was curious how highly-classified intelligence information was winding up on the front pages of the NY Times and in other leftist media. Two stories, in particular, caught my attention initially: the leak of the CIA “secret prisons,” and the smearing of Ahmad Chalabi (...) What I discovered was a vast, underground network of government officials, former intelligence officers, members of Congress and their staffs, who were in bed with a complacent, anti-Bush media. They were eager to publish anything that did damage to this president, even if it put the lives of our intelligence officers or of our front-line troops in jeopardy. (...) It certainly comes as no surprise that a segment of the Democrat party never accepted the legitimacy of the 2000 presidential election, and sought in every possible way to delegitimize George W. Bush.

What I discovered, however, was that this political “pay-back” went far beyond the realm of domestic politics, and that legions of “shadow warriors” purposefully burrowed into the bureaucracy with the sole purpose of undermining the president and his policies.The sabotage was so intense, for example, that CIA officers actually stood by and watched as a key moderate Iraqi cleric was hacked to death in front of their eyes on the steps of a Shiite shrine in Najaf by the pro-Iranian radical, Muqtada al-Sadr, in April 2003.

... it's too much ... read the whole thing - highly recommended history in the making >>>

Updated: 12th Dec. 2007

American Thinker: "Vann Van Diepen, NIE author, and his Treachery at State", by Ed Lasky
Updated: 12th Dec. 2007

American Thinker: "Black Ops PR in Global Warming Hoax?"
Updated: 8th Nov. 2007

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