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Revisionism: multiculturalists inventing history

Anything goes with the postmodern pushers of subjective morality - in that light a bout of revisionism is a piece of cake (I'm now convinced there is a hell for these intellectual criminals) - autotranslation: here's the original -

HP/De Tijd: "Moroccans did not fight in Zeeland"

Moroccans gave their lives for the defense of the Netherlands, did a few years ago in the news. Many were happy with this sudden shared past. But it is not true. Moroccans here in May 1940 no shots fired. Deconstruction of a myth. (...) >>>

May 9, 2010

Postmodernists flunking history -

Aftermath of a Japanese sneak attack on these ...Image via Wikipedia
The Washington Times: "WWII: The most racist generation"

Was the "Greatest Generation" just a bunch of racists? Actor and producer Tom Hanks, promoting his new World War II series "The Pacific," suggested that the war with Japan was really all about American intolerance; and by the way, so is the war on terrorism.

In several interviews, Mr. Hanks presented a version of World War II in which racism played the dominant role. The Japanese "were out to kill us because our way of living was different," he told Time magazine. "We, in turn, wanted to annihilate them because they were different." Forget Pearl Harbor, the Bataan Death March and Tokyo's territorial expansionism. The United States was really fighting a war against human diversity, according to the former star of "Bosom Buddies." (...)

The entertainment industry shapes images that have an important influence on public perceptions of history and contemporary issues. Mr. Hanks' comments reflected a mindset typical of that emanating from Hollywood, a flippant, knee-jerk and knowing anti-Americanism that is long on moral judgment and short on facts. It's a shame someone who can so dramatically capture historical details on film can't get the big picture right. >>>

Mar 19, 2010

Restoring Palestine's proper name -

American Thinker: "Wrong use of the 'P word'", by Victor Sharpe

Throughout the Arab, and most of the Muslim world, the territory between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea is called Palestine while the name, Israel, is blotted out. The so-called moderate wing of the Palestinian Authority displays a wall map behind the desk of its Chairman, Mahmoud Abbas, showing the State of Israel in its entirety but named Palestine. (...) But the general use of the term, Palestine, in a geographical and historical biblical context is often used just as insidiously as that employed routinely by the Palestinian Authority.

Christian and even Jewish writers, many eminent and admirable, often use the word Palestine along with or even instead of Israel, Judea and Judah when referring to the biblical period. This, consciously or unwittingly, helps to belittle the inextricable links of the Jewish people to their biblical and ancestral homeland. It is time to restore historical correctness and dispose, once and for all, of the literary and present day propagandistic use of the term Palestine when referring to the biblical period. Nowhere in the Jewish Bible is the word Palestine used. (...) >>>

Sept. 15, 2009

World News Daily: "Finally! A war story the state-run media hate to reveal - Forget what you think you know, here's the real Vietnam account"

Everything Americans know about the end of the Vietnam War is wrong, contends Richard Botkin, author of "Ride the Thunder" and former Marine infantry officer. He reveals the heroic, untold story of how Vietnamese Marines and their U.S. advisers fought valiantly, turning the tide of an unpopular war and actually winning – while Americans 8,000 miles away were being fed only one version of the story. From the American side, I think most people have a completely uninformed or misinformed opinion of the Vietnam War," Botkin told WND. "Most Americans, including people who served in Vietnam, didn't appreciate the level of sacrifice of the South Vietnamese. These people love freedom." (...)

Botkin toured former battlefields in Vietnam and chronicled accounts of the Vietnamese Marines, or TQLC, and their American Marine advisers, an extraordinary "band of brothers" who fought, bled, endured and triumphed against the growing cancer of communism. The Viet Cong, a band of communist guerrillas in South Vietnam, blended in with the civilian population and even posed as police officers. Known for their stealth and deception, they often poisoned wells and intimidated civilians into silence, forcing them to endure classes of communist propaganda and indoctrination.

Soldiers of the communist North Vietnamese Army, or NVA, routinely attacked thousands of helpless civilian refugees – including young women, elderly citizens and crying children – with intentional and indiscriminate artillery fire. In 1968, communists murdered between 3,000 and 6,000 innocent civilians and buried them in mass graves. Families endured pain, suffering, and indignities that many Americans might never imagine while communists released propaganda readily consumed by Western critics of the Vietnam War. The communists were masters at using propaganda against us," Botkin said. "They would even place high-value targets near civilian centers." (...) >>>

July 6, 2009

FrontPage: "The Historically-Challenged President", by Bruce S. Thornton

Barack Obama, as Victor Hanson recently documented, may be our most historically challenged president ever. Some might think that the inaccuracies Hanson identifies are no big deal, but there are several reasons to be troubled by such ignorance. (...) Particularly in our fight against radical Islam, history supposedly provides the basis of Muslim grievances against the West, especially the United States. Colonial occupation, imperialist aggression, the Western imposition of Israel on the “Palestinian homeland” in order to atone for the Holocaust––these sins of the West against the House of Islam are constantly put forth as rationalizations and justifications for violence against Western interests. If history is to provide the foundation of grievance, however, then all of history is on the table, and that history must be factually accurate and judged by consistent standards. If, for example, the enslavement of Africans is an evil for which the West must take responsibility, then all slavery everywhere must be condemned equally. But when do we ever hear about Islamic slavery?  (...) >>>

June 18, 2009

PJM: "Obama Flunks Histor"y at Cairo U", by Frank J. Tipler

Almost every advance he attributed to the Muslims in his big speech should be credited to someone else. In his speech to the Muslim world in Cairo, President Barack Obama claimed: “As a student of history, I also know civilization’s debt to Islam. It was Islam — at places like Al-Azhar University — that carried the light of learning through so many centuries, paving the way for Europe’s Renaissance and Enlightenment. It was innovation in Muslim communities that developed the order of algebra; our magnetic compass and tools of navigation; our mastery of pens and printing.” Obama is not much of a “student of history” if he believes this. Almost every advance he attributes to the Muslims was due to someone else.

The non-Muslim Chinese invented the magnetic compass and printing (Gutenberg invented not printing, but movable type). The non-Muslim Hindu Indians invented algebra and the decimal numbering system. The non-Muslim European Christians invented the university. (...) The reason Muslims never developed fundamental physics is because the leading Muslim theologians declared the idea of fixed physical laws to be heretical.  (...) because Allah may change the laws at any moment. (...) During the Cold War, it was commonplace for leftist academics to attribute many discoveries to scientists in Communist countries, discoveries that had actually been made in the West. So now leftist academics attribute to Muslims discoveries that had actually been made by others.I never expected to hear a president of the United States do so. (...) >>>

June 7, 2009

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