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Antisemitism: Council of Churches joins Islamo-Socialist Nexus

YNet: "The churches against Israel"

(...) The World Council of Churches, an ecumenical Christian body based in Genève and boasting 590 million worshippers, just ended a four-day conference in the Greek city of Volos. Not a single word of criticism was uttered there against the Islamists who are persecuting Arabs who believe Jesus.

Lutherans arrived to Volos from the United States, Catholics and Protestants from Bethlehem and Nazareth, Orthodox Christians from Greece and Russia, lecturers from Beirut and Copts from Egypt. The conference declared the Jewish State "a sin" and "occupying power," accused Israelis of "dehumanizing" the Palestinians, theologically dismantled the "choseness" of the Jewish people and called for "resistance" as a Christian duty. (...) >>>

6 juni 2011
On Julian Assange, Jew hatred & Europe's 'last tyrant' -

Reason: "Julian Assange and Israel Shamir: An Update", Michael C. Moynihan

In December, I wondered why Julian Assange was employing a known anti-Semite and Holocaust denier—and why no mainstream media outlets thought this bit of information worth covering. Slowly, after the story was batted around the blogosphere, a columnist for the Guardian, WikiLeaks’ British media partner, pushed the story further into the mainstream. BoingBoing, Fast Company, and The Jerusalem Post provided some follow up coverage. And now, according to a British journalist friend, the BBC’s flagship documentary program, Panorama, will take up the troubling Assange-Shamir relationship next week.

Despite professing a love of leakers (liar!) but a deep distrust of this particular leak broker (neocon!), a smattering of spittle-flecked fringe bloggers, many of whom suggested that to distrust Assange was to hate freedom, went on the attack, bizarrely claiming that there was no evidence to backup any of my claims (there was plenty) and that Wikileaks was certainly not involved in employing Shamir (they were). (...) >>>

Feb 4, 2011

Dutch Muslims go for monoculture -

Front Page: "The Netherlands: Europe’s First “Judenrein” State?"

“Hamas! Hamas! All Jews into the gas!” No, these evil words were not shouted at rallies in Gaza or even among knuckle-dragging Neanderthals at neo-Nazi meetings, as one would expect. Instead, this harsh, threatening shout is to be heard on sunny afternoons in Dutch soccer stadiums whenever Feyenoord Rotterdam, where many Muslims live, plays against Amsterdam Ajax.

Before thousands of people, Rotterdam’s Muslim supporters do not hesitate to indulge in this crude act of anti-Semitism when they see the Israeli flags the Ajax fans wave to provoke them. Their primitive chant is sometimes accompanied by a malevolent hissing sound, which is supposed to represent the sound of a gas chamber.

Sixty-five years after the Nazi-occupation of the Netherlands was ended, Hitler’s crazy dream of a “judenrein” Holland may actually become reality. Acts of verbal and physical violence against members of Holland’s 30,000-strong Jewish community are now so prevalent in the land behind the dykes that Frits Bolkestein, a former European Union commissioner and one-time leader of Holland’s People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), has advised his country’s Orthodox Jews, and others recognizable as “active” Jews, to emigrate to Israel or the United States. (...) >>>

Dec. 18, 2010

A badge of honor -

Forbes: "Proud To Be An Anti-Semite", by Abigail Esman

“It’s practically an honor,” Gretta Duisenberg, widow of former European Bank President Wim Duisenberg, pronounced recently, “to be called an ‘anti-Semite.’” But beware: One mustn’t actually go so far as to call her one; for if you do, she’ll sue you.

- Caption: Yassir Arafat (left) and Gretta Duisenberg (right) - 

Only months after announcing her pride in the “anti-Semite” title, Duisenberg has filed suit against political scholar, writer and Iranian dissident Afshin Ellian for, well, calling her an anti-Semite on his blog for the Dutch weekly Elsevier. And, says Duisenberg, if anyone else dares to do the same, she’ll sue them too.

She’s got a bit of an anger problem, our Gretta. It’s important to understand how these things work in the Netherlands. (...) >>>

Nov. 9, 2010

Finally fighting BDS (boycott, divest, sanctions) -

JP: "Turning the tables on BDS"

The North American Jewish community has taken an important step to counter the delegitimization campaigns targeting Israel. Directed by the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) in partnership with the Jewish Council of Public Affairs (JCPA), the Israel Action Network should be a vital resource to combat these assaults.

To emerge victorious in this political war, the network must be armed with detailed information about the opposition, and implement an effective counterstrategy on this basis. This involves distributing information to college students and active community members, so they can name and shame the groups that lead and fund demonization. NGO Monitor and other groups can provide the Israel Action Network with this information without reinventing this particular wheel. (...) >>>

Nov. 7, 2010

Racism at the top is making a come-back! - While the outcry over the racism of Germany's federal bank board member, Thilo Sarrazin is largely over 'islamophobia' and the antisemitism is simply ignored, so is Belgian EU commisioner De Gught's. Here's on the 'abrasive' socialist Sarrazin on Signandsight. Looks like their admiration for evolution is bringing racism back through the backdoor by means of genetics! What else is new? -

WSJ: "Will Brussels Boycott De Gucht? - The European trade commissioner explains why the 'average' Jew is so irrational"

A decade ago, the European Union enforced a cordon sanitaire around Austria's government after a close election led the Christian Democrats to enter a coalition with Jörg Haider's Freedom Party. Mr. Haider had gained notoriety for praising the "employment policies" of Nazi Germany, so the EU establishment put diplomatic relations with Austria into deep freeze over his party's inclusion in government.

How times change. Last week, the European Commission's own trade commissioner, Karel De Gucht, gave vent to his own anti-Semitic riff on Belgian radio. This time, the official reaction seems to be a collective yawn. (...) >>>

Sept. 8, 2010

Exposing antisemitism posing as antizionism - This is a pity. Elias strikes gold, and then goes “Hurray, look what a great hole I dug”. What he does discover is that antisemitism is masquerading as anti zionisme. The fact the 'boycott' is directed at individual Jews, is giving the game away -

PJM: "PC Morality: Blame the Government, Not the People, Unless It’s Israel", by Aaron Elias

The Gaza flotilla incident was a horrid PR nightmare for the state of Israel, despite the released evidence of the “peace activists’” true intentions. The international community has in large part ignored all of it: videos of the fight on the Mavi Marmara, the cache of weapons on board, and the undisputed ties between the IHH, Hamas, and other Islamic terror organizations.

International reaction has been heated, hypocritical, and disproportionate. Bands like Gorillaz and the Pixies canceled their scheduled concerts in Israel following the events (Shuki Weiss, the concert’s production manager, had been trying for over 10 years to bring the Pixies to Israel). The organizers of the gay pride parade in Madrid banned its Tel Aviv delegation in direct response to the flotilla raid, stating it would be “barbaric” to allow Israelis to participate; the Israelis in question responded that Islamists would be happy to “cure” them all. One of the largest unofficial Bob Dylan fansites has banned Israeli IP addresses from visiting the website. The Utopia chain of theaters in France canceled all screenings of the Israeli comedy Five Hours from Paris … replacing them with a French documentary about Rachel Corrie.

How can so many people justify such bigotry? That’s precisely what it is. The Madrid parade organizers, the Utopia chain, and dylanchords are collectively punishing the Israeli people or Israeli NGOs for the actions of their government — the morality of such actions being irrelevant in this matter.

The Israeli people are not the ones calling the shots in the IDF or making the decisions in the Knesset. It’s the same in every democratic country around the world — the people may elect their leaders, but only someone grossly misinformed about the world of politics would believe they directly control their leaders’ actions as well. (...) >>>

Jun 27, 2010

Brown shirts attacking rabbi who outed Helen Thomas -

WASHINGTON - NOVEMBER 12:  Veteran White House...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
Snapshots: "Rabbi Faces Hate Barrage from Helen Thomas Fans"

The public square may have seen the last of Helen Thomas after her "Get the hell out of Palestine" message to Israelis embarassed her employer, the Hearst Corporation, and the White House Press Association -- which had allotted her a privileged position. But their quick action in distancing themselves from her has triggered furious reaction from a raft of Jew-haters. (...) >>>

Jun 10, 2010

A new low watermark for the Teutons -

JP: "Analysis: Boycott Shoah memorial because of Iran?"

Ariel Muzicant, the head of Austria’s Jewish community, on Wednesday became the first major European Jewish leader to boycott a Holocaust commemoration event, because of the pro-Iranian policies of the Austrian government. According to the Graz-based Kleine Zeitung daily, Muzicant said his decision to stay away from the annual Mauthausen concentration camp event held in the Austrian parliament constituted a “silent protest.”

Will the Austrian Jewish community’s decision to not participate in the Mauthausen event affect Germany, where the five-year anniversary of the Berlin Holocaust memorial will be marked on Monday? (...) According to this line of reasoning, Germany has done little to end its massive economic relationship with Teheran (totaling roughly €4 billion in 2009, the largest in Europe). Germany also allows Iranian proxy Hizbullah, which has 900 active members in the country, to operate within its borders. All of this means that alarm bells should be ringing about Germany’s sincerity in mourning dead Jews while it fails to protect living Jews. (...) >>>

May 9, 2010

Faultline USA: "Comedy Central has gone too far!", by Findalis of Monkey in the Middle - Hat tip Atlas Shrugs

This is the idea of fun of the Nazis who run Comedy Central:
undefinedThe Comedy Central website has created an anti-semitically named game there called "I.S.R.A.E.L. Attacks," in which a murderous robot called Israel is called upon to wipe out every cartoon character on the show.
Caving into Islam, promoting Anti-Semitism, what is next? Promoting cartoons from Hamas as good children's shows?

I am beginning to believe that there is an organized effort in the medi and government to not only delegitimatize Israel, but to demonize Jews. Thus the rise in Anti-Semitic incidences on American Universities, in the media, and by government officials.

I'm asking everyone to contact Comedy Central's President/CEO: Doug Herzog

1775 Broadway, 10th Fl.
New York , NY 10019
Phone: (212) 767-8600
Fax: (212) 767-8592

Please write, please let Doug Herzog know that he has become a Kapo.

And crosspost this everywhere! >>>

Apr 28, 2010

- "Join the Nazi Appreciation Movement"

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