Friday, February 1, 2013

Arab Spring: the mystery of the IDF attack on Syria

...or Arutz Sheva - Syrian: Site Made Chemical Weapons; Shipped to Lebanon

Infowars: ´Diplomat: Real Target of Israeli Attack Was Syrian Base` 

A western diplomat has told the Iraqi daily Azzaman that the real target of Israel’s attack on Syria was a facility housing 3,000 Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and that reports about a weapons convoy on its way to Lebanon being hit were merely a diversion. (...) >>>

Feb 1, 2013

The Telegraph: Algeria hostage crisis: Bloody climax to the battle for the desert gas plant

Islamist extremists "executed" seven hostages on Saturday before a final, bloody assault by the Algerian army ended a four-day siege in the desert.

January 19, 2013

At last some information about the Algerian hostage situation is getting through from of the remotest places on planet Earth -

Gateway Pundit: "At Least Eleven Islamists Including Their Leader Were Killed at Algerian Gas Plant – 30 Hostages Dead" (video)

 Eleven Islamists including their leader Tahar Ben Cheneb were killed during a raid on the Algerian gas plant. Thirty hostages killed. Some of the gunmen who took hundreds of hostages at the gas facility, are still holed up inside. The hostage-taking was well planned. (...) >>>

Jan. 18, 2013

What is Really Going on in Mali? The US is no longer leading NATO or UN intervention forces. So France is jumping into the void to halt the African advance of Al Qaeda in Mali. Here's some of the background which happens to tie in with the killing of US Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi -

Debka File: "US drones join Algerian operation at gas field after huge explosion"

On January 11, a few hundred French troops and a handful of fighter jets and gunships launched a campaign against Islamist terrorists in Mali, a West African desert vastness larger than Texas and California combined. This former French colony appealed to Paris for aid to throw back a mixed al Qaeda-rebel advance on the capital, Bamako. (...) >>>

Jan. 17, 2013

France on its own at war with evil  -

BREAKING Muslim terrorist spokesman says the group who abducted 41 foreigners from an Algerian gas field (rumored to have been launched from Libya), has successfully fended off a Algerian Army attack (Dutch) -

France starts Mali ground campaign - Hostage Situation Arises as Pentagon Prepares Mali Intervention -

HotAir: Report: Multiple Americans among hostages held by jihadis after BP plant is seized over France’s Mali intervention; Update: Malian government asked U.S. to intervene last week

The number of Americans could be as high as seven but the State Department hasn’t specified yet. Two workers, one British and one French, are reportedly already dead. Algeria’s a clever choice of targets, not only because France is using the country’s airspace for strikes in Mali but because putting Algerians at risk over French military action is bound to stoke old resentments. Step one in pushing the west out of Mali is turning local opinion against them. Step two is hitting westerners where they live to try to turn opinion at home against intervention too. Taking western workers hostage in an allied north African country does both simultaneously. (...)

Before it's News: Canada lends France one C-17 for one week

French President Francois Hollande is assembling a kind of multi-national force to support his county's intervention in Mali. From Canada, he has received one C-17 cargo plane for one week. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper emphasized the limited duration of the loan, and that the plane will only ferry supplies to the capital of Mali, not any where near rebel-held territory. And, if that isn't already enough "shock and awe," the minister of defense of Denmark is pledging one C-130 cargo plane, subject to the approval of the Danish parliament. Great Britain and the United States are expected to provided additional logistical support, and, in the case of the United States, intelligence support, spokespersons for each country indicating that there will not be providing any boots on the ground.

Jan. 16, 2013

Has the Obama thrown Israel under the bus?

Times of Israel: "‘US to Iran: In case of Israeli strike, don’t fire on our bases’"

Washington tells Tehran that it will not join in an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear program, Yedioth Ahronoth reports (...) >>>

Sep. 3,2012

Morsi consolidates power, nails opponents to trees -

Things are moving fast downhill in Western backed 'democratic' Egypt under Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi. This is a non-confirmed message from one source, the developments are ominous to say the least. President Morsi meanwhile has consolidated power through an 'internal coup', Morsi is rapidly shedding his moderate veneer and doesn't care anymore about pub;lic opinion. The Obama regime has his back -

WND: "Arab Spring run amok: Egyptian ‘Brotherhood’ starts crucifixions of opponents of Pres. Morsi"

Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood has run amok, with reports from several different media agencies that the radical Muslims have begun crucifying opponents of newly installed President Mohammed Morsi. Middle East media confirm that during a recent rampage, Muslim Brotherhood operatives “crucified those opposing Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi naked on trees in front of the presidential palace while abusing others.” (...) >>>

Aug. 18, 2012

The false Western narrative in Syria -

Yet more evidence the Western narrative of democratic Syrian freedom fighters versus the tyrant is a load of crap! The West is supporting Wahhabi's against Islamofascist terrorists. None of them is worthy of our blood and treasure -


“More evidence that Free “Syrian” Army is actually a Fanatical Saudi Army. Video shows them whining for help in Homs and disproves any notion that they are “freedom fighters” seeking democracy and freedom in Syria.” (...) >>>

Aug. 2, 2012

The proxy war just got less proxy -

Daily Caller: "Source: Iran readies attacks against Saudi Arabia, Qatar"

Iran is preparing for a direct attack on Saudi Arabia should Syria’s Bashar Assad be in danger of falling to rebel forces that the Islamic regime believes are being supported by the Arab kingdom, according to a source within Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. Iran also blames the Saudis for unrest in two of its provinces. “Dozens of Iranian ballistic missiles have been preprogrammed to hit Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia,” the source said. “Qatar will also be hit at the same time as it is directly involved with the events in Syria.” Iranian officials have increased their verbal attacks recently on Saudi Arabia, seeing the monarchy as behind the unraveling in Syria and the suppression of the Shiite uprising in Bahrain. (...) >>>

Aug 1, 2012

Syria - the complete analysis -

An excellent analysis of the conumdrum in Syria - a potential flash point and possibly WWIII. Here's more on the propaganda war: what we get from the media is complete bollocks -

The Slog: "ANALYSIS: Why Syria is a potential Sarajevo that could engulf us all"

Handled properly, the Syrian impasse could solve major problems faced by its neighbours and the major powers who want control over their energy. Far more likely, however, is that personal and political ambitions will make things worse. (...) >>>

Jul 29, 2012

The fraud of the occupation and settlements -

Israpundit: "Deconstructing the Israeli ‘Settlement’ Myth"

There are between 350,000 and 550,000 Jews who have been targeted for ethnic cleansing by the international community. Their crime is their race and religion.
In 1948, armies from Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Yemen and Lebanon invaded Israel, along with the Holy War Army, commanded by the nephew of Hitler’s Mufti, and the Arab Liberation Army, under Fawzi al-Qawuqji, freshly released by the Soviet Union after being captured with his Nazi allies in Berlin. Along with them came thousands of terrorists and thugs from the Muslim Brotherhood.
Driven by hate, they swarmed into Israel to destroy it. They seized half of Jerusalem, expelling its Jewish population, blowing up its synagogues and using tombstones from its cemeteries to pave their roads.
Villages such as Kfar Darom in Gaza were besieged, first by the Muslim Brotherhood, and then by the Egyptian Army. The village of 400 men, women and children had managed to throw back the forces of the Muslim Brotherhood, which had shelled the village and failed to break through its fence with tanks, and briefly held out against the Egyptian Army, before it was evacuated, captured and destroyed. Other villages, such as Kfar Etzion, which were not evacuated in time, witnessed massacres after their capture.
When after 1967, the Jordanian and Egyptian invaders had been expelled, and East Jerusalem, Kfar Darom and Kfar Etzion were rebuilt and resettled, the international community declared those Jews living there to be “settlers” and their towns and villages, even their homes in Jerusalem, one of the oldest cities in the world, to be “settlements.” (...) >>>

July 19, 2011

Arab Spring's rapid descent into hell -

The secularists have gone and a tug of war is emerging between Salafists and the Brotherhood. Too bad the latter have a foothold on power in Tunisia and Syria too. Jordan is trembling. The Brotherhood have the ear of the organizer in the White House -

Asia Times: "The horror and the pita", by Spengler

Egypt's national tragedy took a turn towards farce April 27, when Saudi Arabia closed its embassy and several consulates after demonstrations that "threaten the security and safety of Saudi and Egyptian employees, raising hostile slogans and violating the inviolability and sovereignty", according to a Saudi statement. Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States were supposed to anchor an international aid package that will forestall a disorderly financial crisis. (...) A battle over the Muslim Brotherhood's international ambitions may push Egypt over the edge into a Somali level of horror. I warned in this space on April 11 [1] that the Muslim Brotherhood thinks that it can thrive on chaos. The anti-Saudi demonstrations support this interpretation of the Brotherhood's actions. (...) >>>

Apr 30, 2012

Israel going it alone -

Caroline Glick: "Obama makes the case for an Israeli strike on Iran"

In his commentary in Maariv's Friday news supplement, the paper's senior diplomatic commentator Ben Caspit laid out a hypothetical lecture that Obama might give Netanyahu when the two leaders meet alone in the Oval Office this afternoon. In Caspit's scenario, Obama used the one-on-one to set out the law to the Israeli premier. If you bomb Iran's nuclear installations before the November elections, in my second term Israel will no longer be able to buy spare parts for its weapons systems from the US. So too, Caspit's Obama said, the US will end its support for Israel at the UN Security Council if Israel dares to take it upon itself to prevent Iran from crossing the nuclear threshold before the US elections. (...) >>>

Mar 6, 2012

The new divide -

The pieces are starting to fall together. Here's how it looks like: USA+NATO+Qatar+Saudi (Sunnis incl. Muslim Brotherhood)) x Iran+Syria (Shia)+Russia. Here's how the Arab Spring came together. Gideon Rachman in "The End of the Win-Win World" foresees an end to globalization and the happy Cumbaya of the #NWO. He may well be right: all the signs for a new paradigm are in place -

RT: "Arab spring: 'Western-backed exported Islamist revolution’"

The string of uprisings in the Arab world boils down to Saudi Arabia and Qatar using money and influence to hijack public dissent and bring Sunni Islamists to power, says John R. Bradley, British author and expert on the Middle East. He argues that the turbulence that saw several governments overthrown in 2011 came from sectarian divide among Muslims, which the West played on, to support its own allies. (...) >>>

Jan. 26, 2012

The military build up - since then the Israel's have called off #AustereChallenge. It's rumored they don't trust the Obama Admin with their secrets -

Here's why Libertarians are great at economics and lousy at foreign policy matters: under pressure they jump to neutral relativist mode, but who wants to be on the side of Iran, China and Russia? But a fascinating picture is emerging in light is yesterday's entry about #AustereChallenge -

Zerohedge: "Thawing The Cold War: Russia Found To Be Supplying Syria With Weapons, US Not Amused"

(...) "A Russian-operated ship carrying a cargo of ammunition has reached conflict-torn Syria after being temporarily halted during a refuelling stop in Cyprus, sources in Russia and Cyprus said on Friday. A source in Cyprus, where the ship made an unscheduled stop for refuelling late on Tuesday, said the ship had given written assurances to authorities its destination would not be Syria but Turkey. It was allowed to sail a day later, whereupon it dropped off conventional tracking systems, switched course and reached Syria on Thursday. "It had bullets. There were four containers on board," a Cypriot official told Reuters." And here the plot thickens: we now have some war mongering deepthroat somewhere in Leningrad, pardon, St. Petersburg: "The ship was carrying a dangerous cargo," the source at St. Petersburg-based Westberg Ltd. said by telephone on condition of anonymity. "It reached Syria on Jan. 11th." Needless to say, the US is not very happy that Russia is doing precisely what it warned a few months ago it would do: namely protect its sphere of influence especially in light of the ever-encroaching NATO aspirations (yes, provocations go both ways as Ron Paul has long been warning): "The United States said on Friday it had raised concerns with Moscow over a Russian-operated ship that has arrived in Syria and which sources said contained a cargo of bullets. (...) >>>

Jan. 13, 2012

Austere Challenge, WWIII or conspiracy?

There's not much available on Austere Challenge, but some sources on the Left are building up the conspiracy  Hat Tip: @duivels666 -

Pronk Palisades: "Austere Challenge 12: Massive American Troop Biuld Up In Israel–Mobilization For War With Iran?–Neoconservative Progressives Bang The Drums Of War–Videos"

Jan. 12, 2012

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