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TeaParty Album: the secret agenda

Hannan makes a correct observation. The Ruling Party prefers to deal with the Tea Party as an authoritarian mob. But there's another effect: the Overton Window. It lands the far Left somewhere in the mainstream - "The Tea Party tendency"

In his speech at the Liberal Democrat Party conference yesterday, energy secretary Chris Huhne declared: “we need no Tea Party tendency in Britain”. My view is completely different – I would argue that a Tea Party tendency is precisely what Britain needs. But let’s be clear about terms. As Daniel Hannan wrote on his blog yesterday:
The Tea Party, perhaps more than any other contemporary movement, brings out the 'Yeah, but what they're really saying…' tendency. The 'tea' stands for 'Taxed Enough Already' but, if you relied on the BBC and the Guardian for your information, you might not know it. Many Lefties pretend – or perhaps have genuinely convinced themselves – that the Tea Party is clandestinely protesting against immigration or abortion or the fact of having a mixed race president; anything, in fact, other than what it actually says it's against, viz big government. The existence of a popular and spontaneous anti-tax movement has unsettled the Establishment. They'd much rather deal with a stupid and authoritarian Right than with a libertarian one. Hence the almost desperate insistence that the Tea Partiers have some secret agenda… (...) >>>

Sept. 21, 2011

The movement is going mainstream -

CNN: "CNN and Tea Party Express to host first-of-its-kind Tea Party presidential primary debate"

CNN is teaming up with the Tea Party Express for a first-of-its-kind presidential primary debate, both organizations announced Friday. The Tea Party debate, featuring 2012 Republican presidential candidates, is scheduled for Labor Day week 2011. It will take place in Tampa, Florida – the site of the 2012 Republican National Convention. Since the spring of 2009, the Tea Party movement has been increasingly vocal in advocating for less government spending, lower taxes and shrinking the deficit. The Tea Party debate will place specific emphasis on those issues. (...) >>>

Dec. 17, 2010

Dutch Tea Party in a welfare state, as harsh as that may sound -

Australian Tea Party: "Greetings from the DUTCH Tea Party"

It is understandable that we (the Tea Party) are being compared to the Tea Party in the United States. Unfortunately, I repeat unfortunately, that is not the reality. We cannot be compared to America, simply because The Netherlands is not America. We live in a welfare-state, as harsh as that may sound. We let the government arrange everything for us, from our childcare to our retirement. Americans tend to be in charge of their own affairs, they see the government as an institution for protecting their rights, not to create demands. (...) >>>

Nov. 7, 2010

Some are not going to like this - Zionist Tea Party on Facebook -

Telegraph: "Israel's right wing starts its own Tea Party"

Barack Obama has become a target for the Israeli right following the creation of a pro-settler Tea Party who plan to hold a "Saying No to Obama" rally. he new movement, which has taken inspiration from the US conservative group, is being spearheaded by disaffected former and present members of Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party.

When it holds its inaugural rally in Tel Aviv on Sunday, the movement's stated target will be Mr Obama, the US president, whose call for a halt to Jewish settlement construction in the West Bank has caused anger on the Israeli right. The Likud party has long opposed the creation of a Palestinian state. (...) >>>

Oct. 28, 2010

The labels of the Tea Party Movement -

NYT: "Faces of the Tea Party Movement"

While a few issues like smaller government bind most Tea Party candidates together, there are loose factions within the movement. Below, a few of the groups and a sampling of candidates in each. (...) >>>

Oct. 16, 2010

Going global - Tea Party of Australia website - Twitter - blog

Oct. 9, 2010

The wheels are coming off the race cart -

WND: "Surprise! 1/3 of blacks back tea-party movement", by Drew Zahn

A new poll released this week soundly contradicts critics' claims that the tea-party movement is "fringe," "white" and "racist." PJTV's Tea Party Tracking Poll has monitored nationwide sentiments toward the tea party on a weekly basis since Aug. 2. The poll's most recent reports reveal the following results:

The number of people who identify as "members" of the tea party has more than tripled over the last month alone, up to 21 percent of likely voters; Fifty-five percent of those surveyed said they support the tea parties based on the movement's positions on the issues;

Among the likely voters who are black, 32 percent said they would vote for a candidate backed by the tea parties. The last statistic caught the attention of PJTV. (...) >>>

Oct. 1, 2010

UK Tea Party challenge ConLib coalition government -

The PoliJam Times: "British Tea Party launched to challenge Coalition government"

A British Tea Party campaign inspired by the electoral truimphs of the American movement is launching a series of challenges to the Coalition government. Activists are hold a rally at next month's Conservative party conference in Birmingham at which criticism of Coalition policies will be aired.

A British division, launched last year by The Freedom Association, has held events including a "Boston tea party" in Boston, Lincs. It has joined forces with the Taxpayers' Alliance pressure group, which is being advised by Freedom Works, a large Washington-based political group that backs Tea Party candidates.

The organisers, who have already attracted thousands of disgruntled British conservatives, are being advised by the US low-tax, libertarian activists. (...) >>>

Sept. 18, 2010

Tea Party usurps GOP -

The Daily Caller: "Tea Party Nation: grassroots candidate shocks establishment GOP candidate in Delaware"

It’s official: the Tea Party takeover of the Republican Party is in full effect.

The candidate favored by the conservative grassroots in Delaware shocked a candidate backed by the national party, and in New Hampshire the Tea Party candidate was in a neck and neck race. The results leave no doubt — on the heels of previous Tea Party upsets in Alaska, Nevada and Utah — that anti-establishment, anti-Washington sentiment around the country is boiling over and a threat to Republicans as much as Democrats.

Christine O’Donnell, a conservative talking head, will now be the Republican nominee in Delaware for the U.S. Senate. In New Hampshire, businessman Ovide Lamontagne was a few hundred votes behind attorney general Kelly Ayotte in that state’s primary, in a race that looked likely to go down to the wire. But it was hard to understate the impact or the shock of O’Donnell’s win.(...) >>>

Sept. 15, 2010

Why Teapartiers are 'extremists' - Here's the theory why opponents are painted as extremists, radicals, angry mobs, out of the mainstream: it makes it less likely they'll ever realize their agenda -

The Overton Window: "A Model for Policy Change"

oseph Overton observed that in a given public policy area, such as education, only a relatively narrow range of potential policies will be considered politically acceptable. This "window" of politically acceptable options is primarily defined not by what politicians prefer, but rather by what they believe they can support and still win re-election. In general, then, the window shifts to include different policy options not when ideas change among politicians, but when ideas change in the society that elects them. (...) >>>

Sept. 7, 2010

Time to turn the tables on George SoroS - Read also, Roger L. Simon on Nazi collaborator George SoroS, who declares war on the Tea Party while offloading 100 million on Human Rights Watch Antisemites -

Hillbuzz: "George Soros declares open war on Tea Party; Americans need to declare open war on George Soros"

Most Americans have no idea who George Soros is. That’s one of the reasons Soros has been allowed to manipulate America the way he does: he’s a James Bond villain without the corresponding movies that allow the American people to see what he’s up to.

Soros has now announced that he’s declaring open war on the Tea Party movement. Since 70% of Americans share at least some Tea Party sentiment, this means Soros has now declared open war on 70% of the American people.

This will not end well…for George Soros. Especially not if the Tea Party itself responds in kind, and members spread the word to all Americans about the unnatural, undemocratic influence Soros has on the country. (...) >>>

Sept. 6, 2010

Smear the opposition first! -

Michelle Malkin: "Not again: Another act of Democrat vandalism falsely blamed on Tea Party"

(...) I was reminded of this far Left hoax incident — unjustly blamed on the Tea Party — when I read today about what really happened at Democrat Rep. Russ Carnahan’s office in Missouri.
Jim Hoft has the story (...) >>>

Aug 25, 2010

"Boring from within" -

Examiner: "Democrats rampantly infiltrating Tea Parties nationwide", by Robert Moon

Democrats are now being exposed all over the country fraudulently posing as Tea Party candidates to split the conservative vote in critical elections. This nationally-coordinated scam has now been confronted in Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Nevada and elsewhere. (...) >>>

Aug 12, 2010

Breaking the racist bubble -

Tea Party Express: "Reporters vs. Conservative Black Leaders at Press Conference 8 4 2010"

Aug. 8, 2010

Dems fight back with astroturf and coffee -

Faultline USA: "The Democrat’s “Coffee Party”", by J. D. Longstreet

The democrats are nothing if they are not stunningly predictable. The democrats have been having fits because the Tea Party is giving them fits. They don’t like the Tea Party. In fact – they HATE it! But they WANT one and they want one in the worst sort of way. Here is an excerpt from an article at the Washington Post entitled: “With 'One Nation,' liberal groups aim to match tea party's energy, influence”:

“If imitation is the highest form of flattery, the "tea party" movement must be honored.
In an effort to replicate the tea party's success, 170 liberal and civil rights groups are forming a coalition that they hope will match the movement's political energy and influence. They promise to "counter the tea party narrative" and help the progressive movement find its voice again after 18 months of floundering.

The large-scale attempt at liberal unity, dubbed "One Nation," will try to revive themes that energized the progressive grassroots two years ago.” The article goes on to identify some of the organizations that will make up “One Nation”:

“The groups involved represent the core of the first-time voters who backed President Obama -- including the National Council of La Raza, NAACP, AFL-CIO, SEIU and the United States Student Association. (The effort is separate from the Democratic Party's plan to spend $50 million trying to reach those same voters.)” Read the entire article at the Washington Post HERE. (...) >>>

Jul 20, 2010

Black Tea Partiers fighting back against bigots -

Politico: "Black tea partiers rebut NAACP"

Some African-American tea party candidates are displeased by a resolution that the NAACP approved on Tuesday calling the grass-roots conservative movement “racist.” “I have not experienced the charges of racism that the NAACP is touting,” Vernon Parker, an African-American tea party congressional candidate in Arizona, told POLITICO. Parker, former mayor of Paradise Valley, said that he has never felt out of place at a tea party rally because of the color of his skin.

“When I go to tea party events, people don’t look at me any differently,” he said. “They didn’t judge me on the color of my skin, quite frankly, they judged me on my principles." "The NAACP should be concerned about bringing jobs to people in depressed areas,” he added, “not the tea party.” Tim Scott, a GOP congressional nominee in South Carolina, echoed Parker’s sentiments in a statement. (...) >>>

Michelle Obama leading charge in ugly race politics, but the First race baiter didn't reckon with the Tea Party of Missouri, that pre-empted the NAACP's “Racist” Resolution, Condemns “Bigoted” NAACP -

ABC: "Michelle Obama Rouses NAACP Before Vote Condemning 'Racist' Elements of Tea Party"

(...) The NAACP, on the other hand, is trying to reenergize momentum within its own ranks. The organization received a big boost from the first lady, who was the keynote speaker at this year's convention. (...) NAACP leaders have individually taken on the Tea Party in the past, but the organization is now trying to build a bigger momentum against the Tea Party, which has emerged as a strong grassroots, albeit fragmented, force across the country.

"We have to close the enthusiasm gap," NAACP president Ben Jealous said in an interview with the Associated Press Friday. "The danger of the Tea Party is that people see them and think about periods in history when groups like them were much more powerful than they are now, and so a lot of what we spend energy doing is explaining to people what reality is, and that the reality is that the majority from 2008 still exists." (...) >>>

Jul 14, 2010

NAACP jealous of Tea Party -

Conservative American News: "NAACP Should Be Like 'Racist' Tea Party Says Chairman Ben Jealous"

As the NAACP considers a resolution condemning the Tea Party movement for alleged racism, the group's chairman Ben Jealous says the historic civil rights group should be more like the Tea Party. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Jealous' views along with similar sentiments by Sen. Roland Burris (D-IL) as the NAACP's annual convention gets underway in Kansas City. Jealous' strategy for pulling the country back together might at first blush surprise those at the convention. His idea: Follow the lead of the Tea Party movement, which emerged in full force after the election of President Barack Obama with rallies, town hall meetings… >>>

Jul 12, 2010

Welcome, Rome! -

Tea Party Italy: "Tea Party Rome" on June 26, 2010

Jun 22, 2010

Book review - "Tea Party Manifesto", by Joseph Farah -

WND: "A celebration of a movement – and a warning - Don't misread the tea leaves"

In 2010, leading up to one of America's most historic midterm elections, everybody's got an opinion about the tea party movement. But when Joseph Farah speaks and writes about the movement, people listen – or should. It was Farah who predicted the development of the movement seven years before it materialized in a bestselling book called "Taking America Back."

He was even more specific in 2008 in his book "None of the Above," in which he forecast the election of Barack Obama would be the trigger for such a movement. (...) Now, he has written "The Tea Party Manifesto," which he says is both a celebration of the movement as well as a warning. Officially the book releases on the Fourth of July, Independence Day, but it's available right now – personally autographed – at the WND Superstore. (...)

 "The tea party is the most dynamic and powerful grassroots political movement witnessed by modern-day America," writes Farah. "It arose spontaneously – and in the nick of time – to save this country from an advancing, fatal drift away from self-government, liberty and the promise of greater prosperity for future generations." That's the good news, says Farah. But he also has a warning to share with the movement: There are efforts under way to hijack it – and they must be resisted. (...) >>>

Jun 18, 2010

Imposters, infiltrators and subvertors -

Fake Tea Party: "The Liberal Left's Last Chance to Stop the Tea Party Movement"

Florida currently has Several Fake Tea Party Candidates. They are not associated with the tea party movement. The only thing worst than a liberal is an infiltrator. (...) >>>

Jun 18, 2010

Playboy astroturfing the astroturf meme -

While eagerly awaiting part 2, Dana Loesch can’t wait to tell her Baptist mother that her daughter is in Playboy -

BigJournalism: "Playboy: Confessions of a Tea Party Consultant", by Publius

The July issue of Playboy (available on news stands Friday) has an awesome feature story, “Rogues of K Street: Confessions of a Tea Party Consultant.” The piece is by Anonymous. We bring you our first installment below.(...)
Everything I know about being a good consultant comes from Fight Club. Discretion is everything. Rule number one is you don’t talk about consulting for the Tea Party. Rule number two is you don’t talk about consulting for the Tea Party. The story about the wild characters who are shaping this campaign cycle is worth telling, but please excuse my anonymity. (...) >>>
Jun 16, 2010

More violence and projection -

Examiner: "Video: Another 'pro-tolerance' liberal assaults peaceful Tea Partiers", by Robert Moon

Again, contrary to everything we are told about who the dangerous, violent extremists are in this country, it is liberals who continue to attack regular, mainstream Americans for defending the Constitution. This has happened over, and over, and over again. But as I have noted, the news media deliberately bury examples of liberal bigotry, extremism and violence while constantly misrepresenting Tea Partiers as the threat. (...) >>>

Jun 13, 2010

The short history of the Tea Party movement -

American Thinker: "Bruce Bartlett's Intellectually Dishonest Smear of the Tea Party Movement", by Michael Patrick Leahy

Last week, Bruce Bartlett, the fair-weather supply-sider who recently converted to Keynesianism, embarrassed himself by launching an intellectually dishonest smear of the Tea Party movement. This shouldn't come as a surprise. Mr. Bartlett has been trying to smear the movement since we began voicing our opposition to Obama's $787-billion "stimulus" legislation, which Bartlett himself so enthusiastically defended. A year and a half into that economically disastrous program, Mr. Bartlett is looking to change the subject, hoping, perhaps, that his own ill-advised support for that fiasco will be forgotten.

From its inception in February 2009, the Tea Party movement has focused on three core values: (1) constitutionally limited government, (2) free markets, and (3) fiscal responsibility. These core values emerged quickly during the dramatic two-month period in early 2009 when the movement first exploded on the scene. As if from nowhere, Rick Santelli's rant on February 19, 2009 started an unlikely chain of events that brought one million Americans -- many first-time activists -- to nine hundred "Tax Day Tea Parties" around the country on April 15, 2009. (...) >>>

Jun 10, 2010

Stalked by storm troopers -

Fox8: "VIDEO: Man Punched During Protest Against Government Bailouts"

A protest in Greensboro turned violent Tuesday when a former candidate for Congress and NC Senate was punched in the face. Nathan Tabor, a business owner and head of the Forsyth County Republican Party and a former candidate for public office, says he and 25 other people were protesting government bailouts in front of Rep. Mel Watt's (D-N.C.) Greensboro office on Tuesday. "We were just there to do our constitutional right to have a peaceful protest." Tabor said. (...) >>>

Jun 10, 2010

San Diego News Network: "Eastman: the TeaParty Is Going International, Baby"

May 27, 2010

On collision course with the religion of pieces -

CNN: "Islamic leaders decry Tea Party reference to Muslim 'monkey-god'"

A national leader of the conservative Tea Party movement has been strongly criticized by Islamic civil rights leaders for referring to the proposed site of a New York City mosque as a place for Muslims to worship "the terrorists' monkey-god." Tea Party Express organizer Mark Williams blogged on his Web site last week that the mosque - to be constructed near the former site of the World Trade Center - would be a "monument ... for the worship of the terrorists' monkey-god and a 'cultural center' to propagandize for the extermination of all things not approved by their cult."

Williams, who also referred to "animals of Allah," was rebuked Thursday by the Council on American-Islamic Relations. The group issued a release Wednesday calling on other Tea Party activists to repudiate Williams' remarks. "It would be shocking if such ignorant comments failed to elicit a strong response not only from Tea Party leaders, but from other parties throughout the political spectrum," CAIR National Legislative Director Corey Saylor said. (...) >>>

May 20, 2010

Ready to sink the progressive Titanic -

American Thinker: "The tip of the iceberg", by Patricia Swicicki

Years have past since the Titanic met its horrible demise on her maiden voyage. The ship that was called "unsinkable" met the bottom of the Atlantic within a few hours after hitting the iceberg tip; she sank due to flaws within her own design. The Tea Party movement is having the same effect on the progressive movement in the United States. Progressives have only met the tip of the iceberg of the Tea Party movement and it will be the flaws within the Progressive's own design that will insure its demise. When the Tea Party movement first poked its head above water in early 2009, progressives, and indeed the Obama administration, either ignored it or denounced that movement as no more than a few fringe group of dangerous, violent, racist, "terrorists". (...) >>>

May 13, 2010

Enough of the race baiting, you bigots! -

YouTube: "Stop The Haters: Black Conservatives Respond to the Race Baiters and Bigoted Liberals"

May 9, 2010

It struck me again last night as I saw the tweets stream by during the last UK leadersdebate: the projection, the hatred and the ad hominems are all emanating from the left. Trevor Loudon, who posted the following, issued with it a strong obsenity warning. It's not so much a tactic, as a psychological effect caused by cognitive dissonance; they think of themselves peace loving, kindly and tolerant people, whereas in reality, they're far from it -

- Caption: Dutch Tea Party "Het is 5 voor 12" - The Hague (Plein), May 29 at 11:55 hrs - 

NewZeal: "So the Tea Party Movement is Hateful?"

Those right wing, "Tea Party" supporting nasties at FreedomWorksAction recorded some choice emails and phone messages from the peace loving, kindly and tolerant US left. (...) >>>

Apr 30, 2010

A black artist 'wanders off the porch'(one of many, it must be said) - Socialism is Not the Answer: "Blacks, the Media and the Tea Parties", by Lloyd Marcus

I am exhausted. I returned home after performing at tea parties in 42 cities from Searchlight, Nevada to Washington D.C. in 19 days while on Tea Party Express III tour. I’m black conservative singer/songwriter, entertainer, author and spokesperson Lloyd Marcus. I wish to share with you how the liberal mainstream media has dealt with my participation on the Tea Party Express III tour. Liberal mainstream media all but call me an Uncle Tom. Their reports imply that I am a token black too stupid to realize I am being used by the tea party movement.

In typical liberal mainstream media arrogance, they are totally blind to the blatant racism of their reporting. Because I do not fit the liberal mainstream media’s “all blacks must vote liberal and believe America is racist and unjust” template, I must be an idiot. As a matter of fact, because I am a black man who loves his country and proclaims America is the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for all who choose to go for it, much of liberal media considers me dangerous and even wishes me harm. The liberal mainstream media is relentless in their quest to portray the tea party patriots as racist. (...) >>>

Apr 25, 2010

While Rush Limbaugh has been on the case of Bill Clinton's foul insinuations of linking the Tim McVeigh Oklahoma City bombing to 'talk radio' in the face of common knowledge that this terrorist act was brought about by his own actions at Waco; and Reason Magazine has been reviewing a book by University of Hartford historian Robert Churchill about "libertarian political violence and the origins of the militia movement," To Shake Their Guns in the Tyrant’s Face (University of Michigan Press); Glenn Beck has been using the grey matter and came up with this brilliant move - Black&Right begs to differ - Roger Kimball reviews Rush's article -

Glenn Beck: "Pledge of Nonviolence"

Below is the Pledge of Nonviolence that Martin Luther King, Jr. asked those who believed in his message to abide by as well as his core principles of nonviolence.

I am going to ask you to make the same commitment to nonviolence and give you the opportunity to make that pledge public by having you ‘sign’ these documents below.

-glenn (...) >>>

Apr 24, 2010

The Big Cheese Acorn firing up the storm troopers -

The American Spectator: "Tea Party A "Bowel Movement" Says ACORN Boss Big Bertha" (includes video)

Either ACORN chief organizer Bertha Lewis is trying to incite civil war or race war or class war in the United States or she forgot to take her meds. In a March 25 speech to the winter conference of the Young Democratic Socialists (the youth arm of Democratic Socialists of America) she said the tea party was a "bowel movement" and praised socialism. (...) You know that that's no light thing to do, to actually say, I'm a socialist, because you guys know right now we are living in a time which is going to dwarf the McCarthy era. It is going to dwarf the internments during World War Two. We are right now in a time that is going to dwarf the era of Jim Crow and segregation.

- Caption: Tea Party op Italy: Prato, May 20 - 

They are coming and they are coming after you and they are going to be brutal and [unintelligible] ... they've already shown it to you. Organize. Get out into the street. You really have got to circle the wagons. This is not rhetoric or hyperbole. This is real. This rise of this tea party so-called movement -bowel movement in my opinion- and this great uncovering and ripping off the mask of racism, here's what we have to do. This particular organization, Young Democratic Socialists, you do whatever you can in every way that you can, in all you devote more time to building this organization. [unintelligible] We need more members. Get out there and do everything that you can to build this institution. (...) >>>

Apr 22, 2010

The Tea Party, how racist it is?

Apr 21, 2010

Suppose it pays to portray the TP not as interesting and effective, as an "angry" and a "racist" mob, but as a bunch of ineffective kooks -

Washington Post: "'Tea partiers' more wacky mavericks than extremist threat", by Robert McCartney

I went to the "tea party" rally at the Washington Monument on Thursday to check out just how reactionary and potentially violent the movement truly was. Answer: Not very. Based on what I saw and heard, tea party members are not seething, ready-to-explode racists, as some liberal commentators have caricatured them. (...) Nevertheless, on the whole, they struck me as passionate conservatives dedicated to working within the system rather than dangerous militia types or a revival of the Ku Klux Klan. (...) Although united in their hostility to big government, the protesters were ideologically varied. (...) Some participants had far-out views. I heard proposals to repeal the progressive income tax, abolish the Federal Reserve Board and privatize the U.S. Postal Service. (...) >>>

Apr 20, 2010

Tea Party Express buses at the Minnesota capitolImage by Fibonacci Blue via Flickr
The Washington Times: "Boxer: Backers should have tea partiers' enthusiasm" (video)

California Senator Barbara Boxer, a Democrat, told supporters this weekend to get as excited as the "tea party people are." In August of 2009, Ms. Boxer called those who were protesting health care reform legislation at town halls "angry mobs" who were "well dressed." Boxer, who is facing a tough re-election bid, is only a few points ahead of three possible GOP challenger (...) >>>

NYT/CBS off message -

The Examiner: "NY Times: Tea Partiers more educated", by Robert Moon

The news media's odd obsession with diverting attention away from the wildly popular message of the Tea Parties and onto their motives and backgrounds instead (something they never do to liberal groups) has accidentally produced more evidence that the left has been lying from the beginning. A recent NY Times/CBS poll comparing the educational and income backgrounds of Tea Partiers vs. the general public found that Tea Partiers are more likely to have succeeded in life and more likely to have graduated college. But, aren't Tea Partiers supposed to be ignorant, bigoted, trailer trash? Funny how the facts always seem to be at odds with what we're being told. (...) >>>

- PJM: "Exposing the Party Crashers: the Big Day", door Charlie Martin
- PJM: "The ‘Crash’ That Burned", door Bob Owens
 Conservative Examiner: "Liberals caught posing as Tea Partiers", by Robert Moon
- The Clarion Ledger: "Foes of tea party movement to infiltrate rallies", door Valerie Bauman (Associated Press Writer)
- Pajamas: "Who’s Behind the ‘Crash the Tea Party’ Website?", door Bob Owens

Apr 18, 2010

Last week -
- Big Government: "Viva the Bill Ayers Weatherman Revolution v. the Tea Party Movement", by Marinka Peschmann - Part IPart IIPart III

week 13, 2010

Tea Party Europe

The Tea Parties are coming to Europe. After British MEP Daniel Hannan held his Tea Party earlier this year in the margins of the Tory Convention, Italy (Prato, May 20) and the Netherlands (The Hague, May 29) will be following in its wake.

More Info

- The European Tea party Movement
- The European Tea Party on Facebook
- Tea Party UK
Tea Party of Italy
- Dutch Tea Party
- Dutch Tea Party on Facebook
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