Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Armiger Cromwell Center

Dr Sam C. Holliday is a graduate of the U. S. Military Academy at West Point, a former director of Stability Studies at the Army War College, and a retired Army Colonel.

He earned a Master's in Public Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh and a doctorate in International Relations from the University of South Carolina.

Currently he is Director of The Armiger Cromwell Center, a small nonprofit Internet clearinghouse for thinking "outside of the box of conventional wisdom." By means of its online essays, the ACC seeks more effective foreign policies to achieve stability through equilibrium.

Sam Holliday's new book, "Forgotten" about the Korean and Vietnam wars, is available on BookLogix. 

  • Earlier by Dr Sam Holliday published on Politeia:
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- "Coping With Islamists" on the Obama administation's denial about the two faces of Islam
- "Afghanistan: the Road to Nationhood" - Part II: "On Development Aid, Stability and Unification"
- "The Mandate of Heaven" (on authority and sovereignty)
- "American Manifesto", countering the counter cultural revolution
- "Red Flags", a parallel between the interbellum German Weimar Republic and Postmodern USA
- "The Cross and the Crescent"
- "Alinsky's Legacy: the Subversion Handbook"
- "Who is a Patriot"
- A Commentary on the Obama campaign in "Too Good to Pass Up: Live Pomo Lingo"
- "Stability through Equilibrium, an alternative to the Dialectics" (addendum)
- "Not Progress, Cycles!"
- "Secular and Sacred Authority: why we need it!"
- "Reforming Islam: Beware of the Fifth Column"
- "The Corruption of Patriotism"
- "The Fable of the Water Buffalo and the Sparrow"
- "The Fable of the Knife"
- "Effectively Communicating Jihad: a spade is a spade"

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