Thursday, November 18, 2010

Terrorism on Wooden Shoes: arsonist pleads guilty

Telegraaf newspaper is writing today that former member of Rara (Revolutionary Anti-Racist Action, a violent terror group led by former Green-Left politician Wijnand Duyvendak), René Roemersma, has admitted his involvement in arson attacks in 3 Makro stores. He was the only suspect at the time (1980s), and was sentenced to 5 years in prison, but was later acquitted. Today Roemersma admits he was guilty >>>

Nov. 18, 2010

Terrorism on Wooden Shoes: or on Moroccan slippers - The four, three citizens of Moroccan descent and a Moroccan with Dutch residence status arrived this morning at Brussels airport and were taken into custody. Media report that the detainees were arrested and deported on an earlier occasion, when they planned to join the jihad in the Caucasus region.

AFP: "Kenya arrests Dutch citizens heading to 'jihadist' camp"

Four Dutch citizens have been arrested in Kenya for "possible involvement in terrorism", the prosecution service in the Netherlands said on Wednesday." According to Kenyan authorities, the four were arrested on the border of Kenya and Somalia," last Friday, it said in a statement. "They are alleged to have been on their way to a jihadist training camp. " (...) While prosecutors identified them all as Dutch nationals, the Dutch foreign affairs ministry said the four included three citizens and a Moroccan with Dutch residence status.
They are being detained "for further questioning" (...) Dutch media reported the four were suspected of having aided the Shebab Islamic militant group in Somalia, but Brinkman would not comment on this. (...)

In Kenya, a police officer who spoke to AFP on condition of anonymity said the four had been transferred to the capital Nairobi after initially being held in the coastal city of Mombasa. (...)  The radical Al-Qaeda-inspired Shebab Islamists in Somalia have been battling the government and have admitted to receiving backing from foreign fighters in their bid to topple President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed. Kenya, which shares a long border with the lawless Horn of Africa country, is wary of a possible attack on its soil and has been on the alert. (...) >>>

July 30, 2009

Throw molotovs in a clown's suit and no one will take you seriously. They've been getting away with mayhem and mutilations for at least two decades:

DutchNews: "Vegan streaker 'planned to attack queen'"

An animal rights activist known as the vegan streaker has been arrested on suspicion of planning to attack queen Beatrix, his lawyer Gerard Spong told the Volkskrant on Tuesday.

The public prosecution department said earlier that Peter Janssen is suspected of preparing an attack and possessing a gun. Two computers were taken from homes in Wissekerke and Vught, where the 24-year-old's mother lives.

Later the department said Janssen was suspected of planning to attack the queen because she regularly wears fur in public. The arrest followed 'extensive' testimony, the department said. (...) >>>

July 21, 2009

Dutch News: "Animal rights extremism 'not terrorism'"

Animal rights activists in the Netherlands are becoming more violent but are not involved in actual terrorism, the state security service AIVD said in a report on Thursday.The number of violent incidents involving animal rights activists has gone up over the past two years but there is no evidence that the aim is to damage society or terrify the public at large, the AIVD said. Right-wing MPs have urged the government to brand animal rights activism as terrorism, which would allow police to crack down more strongly. (...) >>>

Apr 2, 2009

Elsevier: "Injured Squatter - Violence is common in squatted building" (free translation)

In the last few years scores of people have been roughed up with bats and pipes in Amsterdam's squatted building 'Vrankrijk', says wounded squatter 'Yoghurt' in a newspaper article. He was left for dead, abandoned in the streets. Suspects refused to cooperate with the police investigation [sic]. Vrankrijk has become an icon of hypocrisy and cronyism, displaying almost fascoid tendencies. The mayor of Amsterdam intends to close the building; the squatters have vowed to fight the decision. They have collected 21,ooo Euros towards Yoghurt's damages, but he wants at least double that amount ... (ed. the inmates are running the asylum!) >>>

Jan 25, 2009

Animal Rights group claims responsibility for attack on NYSE Euronext stock exchange board members.

Dutch News: "Animal group claims car arson attacks"
The Dutch branch of the Animal Liberation Front has claimed that it set two cars owned by a senior stock exchange official on fire earlier this month, NOS TV news reports on Monday. The Euronext stock exchange trades shares in British company Huntingdon Life Sciences which carries out experiments on animals for pharmaceutical companies.
The website also claims another attack on a car owned by a Euronext staffer in Noordwijkerhout. In that incident, which was not made public by the police, the car was daubed with graffiti, NOS says. Earlier this month, Home Affairs Minister Guusje ter Horst said that the Netherlands is to get a special police unit focusing on radical animal rights activists. >>>

Dec 29, 2008

Background: traditionally these groups in the Netherlands act with near impunity, as they are seen as 'playful' in the general perception (in the tradition of the US Weather Underground: ludiek, stemming from the Latin translation of the word). This cleverly self-adopted epithet is suggestive of innocent pranks, but the economic damage they have done is extensive. There have been personal costs as well. The fiancee of a politician on an anti immigration platform lost her leg in a bomb attack, and maverick politician Pim Fortuyn was assassinated by one out of their midst (the Green litigation branch). Fortuyn was also repeatedly assaulted with 'playful cakes' consisting of excrement and acid. So, this is news - politicians (who sometimes as students had connections with these groups) have now had enough, it seems. The Home Affairs Minister has promised a special police unit focusing on radical animal rights activists.

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