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The Political Pathology Asylum: Muslim Denial Psycho Explained

pOmoLanD: "OUCH! Psycho Explaining Muslim Denial"

In Judeo-Christian guilt culture we attach a lot of value to truth, sincerety and individual rights. The feeling of guilt is allowing us to live in accordance with our own morality and the dominant ethics system. But in the Arabic-Islamic shame culture it's more important how others see you. In this culture honor must be preserved and shame must be averted at all cost. You have basically carte blanche to do whatever evil comes to mind, as long as no one finds out about it (the hypocs!). Just consistently deny everything! (...) >>>

July 10, 2011

The world according to liberals -

Living in a world of their own phantasy -

Rolling Stone: "How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory", by Tim Dickinson

The onetime Nixon operative has created the most profitable propaganda machine in history. Inside America's Unfair and Imbalanced Network (...) >>>

May 26, 2011

Apocalyps now! -

Mail Online: Could 'supermoon' next week disrupt Earth's weather?"

It doesn't take much to get the Internet's lunar-tics out in force. The web was yesterday awash with apocalyptic warnings that the movement of the moon will trigger tidal waves, volcanic eruptions and even earthquakes next week. The conspiracy theorists claim that on March 19, the moon will be closer to Earth than at any time since 1992 - just 221,567 miles away - and that its gravitational pull will bring chaos to Earth. (...) >>>

Mar 14, 2010

A homosexualist hate fest -

This hate fest against Melanie Phillips got so loud, it was for a while a trending topic on Twitter. Note the author uses the term homosexualist. That's exactly right. The homosexualist agenda isn't necessarily supported by homosexuals, who are frequently quite conservative. This minority is a vehicle for the dialectics of the Uber Left -

LifeSiteNews: "Death threats against UK columnist for opposing homosexualist agenda"

A prominent conservative UK columnist has said she received death threats after she criticized plans to insert homosexual materials into all subjects in the curriculum in Britain’s schools. Writing in the Daily Mail this week, Melanie Phillips said that she had been expecting a reaction, “which would amply bear out the truth of what I had written.”

“The response, however, exceeded even my expectations.” For the last week, she said, “I have been subjected to an extraordinarily vicious outpouring of hate and incitement to violence” through emails, the internet and in mainstream media. “If the gay lobby had set about trying to prove my point, it could hardly have done a better job.”

Phillips had asserted that homosexualists are now attempting to suppress any public opposition to their political goals. The reaction to this statement, she said, reveals a basic “totalitarian mindset” that is behind the homosexualist agenda. (...) >>>

Feb. 9, 2011

The Democrat lynch mob -

WSJ: "'String Him Up'Racist and eliminationist rhetoric at a Common Cause rally"

The website of Common Cause describes the group as "a nonpartisan, grassroots organization dedicated to restoring the core values of American democracy, reinventing an open, honest and accountable government that serves the public interest, and empowering ordinary people to make their voices heard in the political process." The bio of Common Cause's president, Bob Edgar--a former Democratic congressman from Pennsylvania--informs us that "under Bob's leadership, Common Cause is championing a number of critical issues and reforms, including the public funding of political campaigns at all levels, election reforms that make voting more accurate, secure and accessible, improved ethics at all levels of government, redistricting reform and a diverse and open media." It all sounds very high-minded. How's it working out in practice?

On Sunday, Common Cause hosted a panel discussion called "Uncloaking the Kochs," which, according to the Common Cause website, "was followed by a rally outside the posh Rancho Las Palmas resort where the Koch brothers were holding one of their political strategy meetings." The Koch brothers' support of free-market causes makes them enemies of "democracy," in Common Cause's view. Christian Hartsock, a videographer who contributes to Andrew Breitbart's, attended the Common Cause rally and produced a devastating four-minute video of his interactions with the Common Causer supporters. (...) >>>

Feb 4, 2011

The psychology of hatred -

Politeia: "The Spiral of Hatred

(...) The Left - or more accurately, those who like to think of themselves as nice, empathic, inclusive, under-dog loving people, often are very far from it. They feel great hostility towards the opposition, who have no right in their minds to have such vile, egoistic, mean-spirited thoughts about freedom and humanity. Projection is a psychological coping device, that deals with the ensuing cognitive dissonance by turning the opponent as by magic into a demon: the process that is leading to scapegoating and collective guilt. (...) >>>

Jan. 15, 2011

Recapping the incitement -

Atlas Shrugs: "The Face of Hate"

In light of the Democrat party and the media (but I repeat myself) spouting the talking points that Sarah Palin and Tea Party members have used inflammatory language, thus inspiring the Arizona killer on Saturday, I just thought I'd offer up a few reminders of who really tries to inspire violence (thanks to Nicole):

-Chris Matthews fantasizing on air about seeing Rush Limbaugh shot in the head here
-Sandra Bernhard: Sarah Palin should be GANG RAPED if she comes to New York here (...) >>>

Jan. 11, 2011

The left is ruthless -

Krugman is taking exception to Palin's martial charts! The gall! Michelle Malkin has compiled some products of the Leftist hatred machine. So who's responsible for current climate?

Sheriff Dupnik is a good example how the left is evading its own outrageous behavior and clutches to Sorelian myth.

MM: "The progressive “climate of hate:” An illustrated primer, 2000-2010"

The Tuscon massacre ghouls who are now trying to criminalize conservatism have forced our hand.
They need to be reminded. You need to be reminded.
Confront them. Don’t be cowed into silence.

And don’t let the media whitewash the sins of the hypocritical Left in their naked attempt to suppress the law-abiding, constitutionally-protected, peaceful, vigorous political speech of the Right.

They want to play tu quoque in the middle of a national tragedy? They asked for it. They got it.


The progressive climate of hate: A comprehensive illustrated primer in 8 parts:

V. LEFT-WING MOB HATE — campus, anti-war radicals, ACORN, eco-extremists, & unions
VIII. HATE: CRIMES — the ever-growing Unhinged Mugshot Collection (...) >>>

Jan. 10, 2011

The best of Zombie Time -

The Zombie Time Hall of Shame

This page is a compilation of the most shocking and sought-after photographs taken by zombie at rallies and other political events in Northern California. The images shown here are just a small sampling of the thousands of photographs and videos found on zombietime.

To view each of these pictures in its original context, go to the main zombietime page at and find the report for the particular event mentioned in each photo's caption. The pictures below were all taken in San Francisco, except where noted. (...) >>>

Nov. 8, 2010

The Left's status anxiety. How the Left lost its legitimacy and became elitist -

Chicago Boyz: "Palin and the Left’s Status-Anxiety", by Shannon Love

The left’s obsession with Sarah Palin is one of the most interesting political and social phenomena of our time. The degree and volume of venom directed at her staggers the imagination. It is unprecedented in recent times especially for someone who does not currently hold office. (...)

Leftists try to rationalize the hatred by claiming that Palin is an extremist, but that is easily disproved by comparing where she stands on various issues versus how many Americans hold the same views. Moreover, if she truly were an extremist, she wouldn’t be a threat because she would have no electoral base. No, the best explanation for the left’s bizarre Palin obsession is status-anxiety. (...) >>>

Sept. 13, 2010

A new genre, psychoprop -

HotAir: "Chris Matthews’ ‘The Rise of The New Right’: Deceptions and Delusions"

Last night, MSNBC aired a Chris Matthews special, labeled a documentary, called The Rise of the New Right. I decided to take a quick break from my radical right wing extremist acts like bitterly clinging to my guns and my Bible, whilst fiendishly drawing Hitler moustaches on Obama photos, to watch it. I know. Apparently, I’m a glutton for punishment. However, while absolutely infuriating, it was simultaneously hilarious and almost took my mind off the distressing shortage of windmills in this country.

Almost immediately, two things became rather apparent. Firstly, MSNBC’s NewSpeak definition of “documentary” is evidently “blatant fallacies and pure propaganda”. Secondly, it’s quite clear that Chris Matthews’ leg ‘tingle’ has moved into his brain, or what passes for some semblance of one. Either that, or he’s merely decided to embrace his cuckoo pants. Plus, he’s a big, fat liar. I feel no qualms about saying that, since Matthews spent a full hour demonizing me and people like me as violent, irrational racists. In fact, the entire show could be summed up like this:
Racists. Birthers. Guns! Evil scary militia groups that have the same “Don’t Tread on Me” flag!!! Chanting “USA, USA” and being fond of the Constitution and, you know, liberty is super scary and ominous. Also, racist. And violence fomenting. Plus, racist. (...) >>>
Jun 21, 2010

Projection in pictures - Sarah Palin makes an appearance in Eugene, Libtardia. A picture is worth a hundred words. This one says it all -

Apr 24, 2010

Dodging reality -


The essence of psychologica denial is a refusal to look at, or acknowledge, reality. Fortunately, reality exists outside of one's head and is objective and verifiable. It is not altered by whim, desire, lies or myth. This is not to say that people might not believe ideas that do not conform to reality--in fact, they do so all the time. (...)

 I find endlessly fascinating is how the political left has created and fully integrated into their mainstream thinking, specific ideological tools that facilitate ongoing psychological denial and often completely break with reality.

(...) this position is an example of the cognitive dissonance of classic postmodern rhetoric; in which achieving one's political agenda is what is important--and certainly not truth or reality, which can be manipulated accordingly (see here and here for how the Civil Rights movement has basically jumped the shark in the age of Obama, where all opposition to his plans for America are deemed racist -- or, potentially illegal). (...) >>>

Apr 11, 2010

The left and political opportunism -

Melissa Clouthier: "Pentagon Shooter John Patrick Bedell 9/11 Truther–UPDATED: And A Democrat"

PJM/Zombie: "Anti-Bush Truther shoots up Pentagon; Should we play the political blame game?"

On Thursday, a “9/11 Truth” fanatic named John Patrick Bedell started shooting at the Pentagon and managed to wound two guards before they mercifully put him out of our misery. We now know that the guy thought the government and the Bush family were behind the 9/11 attacks (or “demolitions” as he called them), and was basically frothing at the mouth with Bush hatred.

Now, I’ve been to innumerable “Truther” rallies over the last 8 years, and can say with some confidence that about 98% of folks who think 9/11 was a hoax are left-wingers, or at the very least fit in very comfortably in the left-wing milieu, since the impetus behind Truthism is to undermine the basis for Bush’s “War on Terror,” an impetus which is also a cornerstone of modern Leftist thought as well.

So far, however, I’ve noticed a deafening quietude on the left-leaning blogs about this guy’s affiliations and belief systems. Those brave enough to troll leftist comments sections have noted mumblings therein that the guy was probably a secret “teabagger,” despite all evidence to the contrary. (...) >>>

Mar 5, 2010

Inside the mind of the conspiracy theorist -

September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City: V...Image via Wikipedia
Washington Times: "EDITORIAL: Truthers gone wild"

John P. Roche, a special adviser to President Johnson, had an arch view of the conspiracy theories rampant in Washington in the 1960s. He postulated that those with the talent for conspiracies lacked the time, and those with the time lacked the talent. Yet the nature of conspiratorial thinking takes the existence of conspiracies as a given. If John Roche were making light of a conspiracy, the only possible explanation was that he was in on it.

The "9/11 Truth" movement is a loose collection of people who firmly believe that the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks were anything but a terrorist strike on the United States. These people are so desperate to be noticed, so hungry for acceptance, that they take any mention of their activities as a major breakthrough toward respectability. Last week, when The Washington Times noted some recent developments on the "Truther" side of the looking glass, their corner of the blogosphere erupted in a cascade of hope and resolve. They had finally penetrated the mainstream, they declared, and the day of reckoning for the conspirators was drawing near. (...) >>>

Mar. 2, 2010

The inversion of truth -

Victor Davis Hanson is spot on in a new essay on PJM. Comment #54 by John/Publius is well worth perusing on the psychopathological side of the case:
"The psychodynamics of people who are (2) liberal academic postmodernists, (3) neo-socialists, and (4) narcissists are heavily armed with defense mechanisms that are converted–often unconsciously, but sometimes somtimes consciously–as offensive weapons. PProminent among those is projection." Read it all >>>
PJM: "The Obamarang"

All politicians fudge on their promises. But this president manages to transcend the normal political exaggeration and dissimulation. Whereas past executives shaded the truth, Barack Obama trumps that: on almost every key issue, what Obama says he will do, and what he says is true, is a clear guide to what he will not do, and what is not true. It is as if “truth” is a mere problem of lesser mortals. (...) >>>

Jan. 30, 2010

Updating the hate campaign:

NewsReal: "Ed Schultz to Congresswoman Bachmann: Go Kill Yourself"

Last night, MSNBC host Ed Schultz used his network’s airways to hope Rep. Michelle Bachmann, R-MN, would come on his show and commit suicide. (...) His bloodlust bon mot is part of the Left’s long history of pining for the deaths of its political enemies. President Obama visibly chuckled when Wanda Sykes “joked” about Rush Limbaugh’s kidneys failing at the Washington Correspondents Dinner. One of Schultz’s many predecessors as talk radio’s Great Left Hope, Randi Rhodes, repeatedly called for the assassination of President Bush, and Air America Radio prescribed the torture of Donald Rumsfeld. I cataloged a number of the most notorious examples of left-wing hatred this May in a lead story at FrontPage Magazine (...) >>>

Sep. 3, 2009

PJM: "Germans in Hysterics Over Terrorist Money Tracking Program"

In the last few days, the German media and German politicians have been on an angry rampage against America’s Terrorist Finance Tracking Program (TFTP). The cause for their agitation are reports that the EU plans to continue permitting U.S. intelligence agencies access to some of the bank transfer data stored by the inter-bank network SWIFT. “In a ‘blitz’ action,” the margin of maneuver of U.S. terror-investigators is supposed to have been “massively extended.” The talk is of “highly-sensitive bank data” and of “American snoops [Schnüfflern]” who will be permitted “to spy on the entire range of transactions.” There is supposedly no dependable legal basis for the program and one “fears abuse.” All of the above according to Spiegel Online in an article titled “EU Allows the U.S. to Spy on Bank Accounts”. (...) Even for German standards, it is remarkable how unscrupulously falsehoods are being fired off at readers and television viewers. What an amazing concentration of paranoia, hysteria, and ignorance.

The TFTP is a program that the U.S. established in 2001 with Belgium, Spain, and other European countries, in order to trace the money flows of terror networks. The program was initially kept secret. No laws were broken and extensive precautionary measures were taken in order to assure that civil rights would not be violated. A super power’s military might is no help to it in the fight against terror networks. The conflict is not about destroying armies, but rather terror cells. The challenge is to identify the latter. In this connection, intelligence on money flows -– on the origins of payments that known or suspected terrorists receive, or on the destination of payments from known terror sponsors –- is of existential importance. Thanks to TFTP, it has been possible to uncover the ties between potential terrorists and their sponsors by following money flows. (...) >>>

Aug. 1, 2009

Blogging NASA psychiatrist Dr Sanity has two recent posts for the asylum page. While the first pertains to ethics rather than the political hystrionics for which this dossier is reserved, in the final analysis the lack of a moral compass lies at the root of every psychopathological phenomenon ... here's an excerpt, but the post is worth reading in its entire brilliance:


(...) Ethics is the branch of philosophy that tells us how to behave in the world, or what is the proper course of action, particularly for situations like this where one is trying to determine what is "right" versus "wrong". On a fundamental level, ethics is really the manner in which we codify our most important values and act on them.

In a comment thread from a 2006 post at The Belmont Club, Wretchard, speaking about the barbaric Islamic fundamentalist terrorists with whom we were at war, wrote:

The brilliance of the new barbarism is that you cannot fight it without destroying your own value system into the bargain. Traditionally the solution has been to consider wartime a discontinuity, when civilization's rules are suspended. It becomes possible, for example, to lay waste to the Monte Cassino Abbey. Berlin was bombed without regard for its buildings, churches or people. (...) the war cannot be won without cost. And the fundamental fraud foisted on the public is to claim we can have war without horror, conduct an intelligence war without dishonesty and cunning and obtain victory without sacrifice.

His two points are particularly relevant in the discussion of torture. To the extent that we can, we have tried to maintain "civilization's rules" as much as possible, while at the same time suspending them when the situation demands--i.e., adherence to a life-affirming value system that requires you to protect innocents who might be harmed by evil. Indeed, when it comes to the issue of torture, one might even say from an historical perspective that the administration went overboard to try and find techniques that were sufficiently uncomfortable and even unbearable; and which would elicit the necessary information without inflicting lasting harm on the recipient. In this, they were obviously successful. (...) >>>


One type of denial is Repression , a neurotic defense characterized by a seemingly inexplicable naivete, memory lapse, or lack of awareness. Repression is often dismissed as an artifact of diminished attention by cognitive psychologists, but I find that it almost always reflects a rather creative method to resolve some inner conflict for the person who uses it. With repression, affect is out in the open, but the associated idea is out of the mind and unavailable to consider. Someone who has repressed some knowledge may be genuinely astonished that anyone would consider them to have deliberately ignored the issue. The "forgetting of repression is different from ordinary forgetting in that there is often some sort of parallel symbolic behavior that goes along with it. (...) >>>

May 18, 2009
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